After your Valentine’s Day celebration, call the Charlotte carpet vacuuming professionals for all the wine spills.

Valentine’s Day is the one day set aside to celebrate your loved one or your favorite cat. Regardless of how you celebrate, the likelihood of wine getting involved is very high. Wine is very hard to remove from light carpet colors. If you have tried all the tricks in the book, it is time to turn to get your Charlotte carpet vacuuming scheduled.

Charlotte carpet vacuuming is essential to fully remove wine from your carpets.

Spilling red wine on your beige carpet is not the end of the world. Red wine has many tricks to try to get it out. There will mostly likely be a stain until you hire cleaning professionals to remove the evidence. CottageCare is passionate about the cleanliness of your home.

As soon as you realize there is a stain –

  • Dampen a towel with cool water.
  • Blot the area with the towel.
  • Remove the towel.
  • Sprinkle the area with salt.
  • Pour boiling hot water on the area and let sit for a few moments.
  • Get a new dry towel and blot up.
  • Let the area dry and give CottageCare a call to ensure that all dried red wine is vacuumed up.

A carpet vacuuming can make the entire difference in the world. When your home is deeply vacuumed, the carpet should return to the soft carpet it was before. Depending on how old your carpet is, will depend on the bouce-back of your home’s carpet. If you feel like the CottageCare team member that visited your house did not clean to your standards, give us a call immediately and we will be more than happy to revisit your home. To get your free estimate on the cost of your wine spill, follow this link and introduce youself for a free quote!


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