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When looking to scrub away the black spots and soap scum, turn to CottageCare for bathroom cleaning maid services in Houston!

The bathroom is typically a white room that places the soap scum and mildew on display for all to see. While soap scum and mildew may not be the easiest problems to fix, CottageCare can still get rid of them. CottageCare is proud to be able to detail your bathroom with bathroom cleaning maid services in Houston. Bathroom maid services from CottageCare help you stear clear of housework while keeping a spotless home!

To start your trip to a cleaner bathroom, contact CottageCare today! Here at CottageCare, we are proud to offer our customers ecofriendly cleaning solutions. Ecofriedly clenaing solutions are designed to be getle on your home’s natural feartures and tough on your bathroom! If you are using the standard cleaning agents, we encourage you to ake the switch! Below is listed some popular cleaning agents that are selling like hot cakes:

  • Chlorine bleach is the leading type of cleaning agents that stripes your home raw. On the bleach label, it warns that this product may cause irritated eyes, make your skin irritated or itchy, and causes the majority of posion control’s cases. If a small child were to drink chlorine bleach, their life will be at risk.
  • The majority of hand soaps that are labeled “antibacterial” contain triclosan. This harmful ingredient has been linked to illness and infection because they kill the good bacteria as well.

This year, think about the health of your family when signing up for bathrom cleaning maid services in Houston. Ecofriendly cleaning agents are better for your family’s health. To get started on scheduling your visits, follow this link below and introduce yourself!

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