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Let love bloom this Valentine’s Day by scheduling your Bloomington ecofriendly maid services!

Valentine’s Day is meant to let love blossom by reminding eachother how much you care and love your significant other. Did you get the right gift? Where you supposed to be sentimental, funny, or thoughtful? Don’t go wrong with a gift certificate for Bloomington ecofriendly maid services! CottageCare’s gift certificate is easy to purchase and east to gift! Place it under a napkin at dinner, or place it on a card holder when you are bringing breakfast in bed. With all the ways you could do Valentine’s Day wrong, don’t let it be this year!

Bloomington ecofriendly maid services gives you the freedom from housework so you can have a flourished Valentine’s Day!

CottageCare is passionate about giving you the best maid services. Although we are a maid service, we are not your typical maid service. We provide excellent customer service and a deep ecofriendly home cleaning. Ecofriendly home cleanings are better for your family’s health and better for your home. The chemicals found in our cleaning agents are not harsh and are free of chlorine bleach! When you walk into your home after scheduling your Bloomington ecofriendly maid services, you will not smell harsh cleaning agents.

By giving the gift of CottageCare, you give the gift of a stress free Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your romantic plans go smoothly? This year, make it one for the books by purchasing a gift card from CottageCare. If you are unsure about how much to put on the card, follow this link for a free quote! During your free quote, you are able to sign up for additional services to pamper the one you love. After you introduce yourself, one of CottageCare’s cleaning professionals will reach out to you within 24 hours!