Cleaning Your Atlanta Home | CottageCare

CottageCare believes cleaning your Atlanta home should be a simple and stress-free experience! Contact us today for a free estimate.

You have powered through every family dinner and holiday concert rehearsal. Lucky for you, the holidays are almost over! After this next week, you will be free to plan your day how you want to spend it. When you get the chance to relax and have time for yourself, wouldn’t you like to relax in a clean home? If you are not exciting about cleaning your Atlanta home, call in the professionals! The cleaning professionals at CottageCare are available to make your life easier!

Experience the difference of cleaning your Atlanta home with eco-friendly ingredients!

CottageCare is passionate about using eco-friendly cleaning agents in your home to promote healthy living. When harsh chemicals are used on your home, you are unknowingly exposing your family to untested chemicals. In the standard brands that you see on the store shelves, only about 30 percent of those chemicals are tested for potential negative side effects. With 70 percent of the cleaning agents left untested, it puts your family in danger. Eco-friendly cleaning options are great for your family and the environment.

In addition to providing the area’s best eco-friendly clean, we provide top-quality customer service. Customer service is more than doing a job well done, it means being there for our customers! Our customers are accustomed to sparkling cleans. We achieve sparkling cleans by choosing to deep clean over surface clean. A surface clean is a typical cleaning or a “tidy-up”. When you are cleaning your Atlanta home, you probably give it a surface clean. Surface cleans require the most upkeep because you are not deep cleaning your home and the dirt will return. To start cleaning your Atlanta home properly, follow the link above! Introduce yourself! Don’t be shy.