Columbia South Carolina Home Cleaning Tips | CottageCare

Check out how CottageCare is different than other Columbia South Carolina home cleaning services.

With Columbia South Carolina home cleaning being a highly demanded service, there are a lot of brands to pick from. When you are narrowing your search, make sure CottageCare makes it to the final four. CottageCare offers a wide array of cleaning services such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Dust and carpet services
  • Bathroom
  • Hardwood Floor
  • Custom tailored
  • and more!

The bathroom and kitchen are the most popular rooms to get deep cleaned. The bathroom is difficult for many homeowners to clean on their own because of the mildew pile up. Mildew piling up is difficult to tackle because it usually goes on for awhile. Mildew is easiest cleaned when tackled everyday. Some causes of mildew include:

  • Hot showers causing a higher amount of steam
  • Lack of fans and vents in your home
  • Letting wet items linger
  • Lack of a dehumidification system

Schedule your Columbia South Carolina home cleaning today to get the upperhand on mildew!

CottageCare cleaning professionals are passionate about deep cleaning your bathroom perfectly. A perfectly cleaned bathroom is a washroom that is spotless without the smell of bleach. Bleach is known as a harsh chemical. Harsh chemicals like bleach are not ecofriendly. Here at CottageCare, we are proud to offer out customers a high level of clean with a low level impact to the environment. Ecofriendly cleaning agents can provide a great clean without leaving behind a smell that mimics the inside of bleach bottle.

When it is time for your home cleaning, a member of the professional cleaning team behind CottageCare will arrive on time to your home with everything they need. To best assist your CottageCare cleaner, please inform us all the services you are interested in whenever you request your quote. To get your free quote, please follow this link and introduce yourself.