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To get your home exactly how you like it, contact CottageCare about our custom West Calgary home cleaning services!

Your home is special to you. There are memories in everything from your decorations that hang on the wall to the rugs that warm your feet from the chilly wooden floors. CottageCare offers those who prefer to split up the cleaning duties or those who like a custom touch custom West Calgary home cleaning. Get your quote today by following the link below for home cleaning services that are tailored to your individual needs. To provide you with the most accurate quote, please tell us every service you would like done and how often you would like the cleaning professional to visit your home.

CottageCare makes it easy to schedule custom West Calgary home cleaning services!

Custom cleaning services from CottageCare are completed by one cleaning professional who cleans the space desired from top to bottom. By starting at the top of every room, we are able to deep clean your home. If we were to start at the base of the room, then the dirt and dust on the ceiling would fall onto the previously cleaned floor. The ceiling hides caked on dirt and dust! If you think about the last time your ceiling was cleaned, you probably won’t be able to remember the exact date. Update your home on it’s cleaning schedule with CottageCare. Every one of our cleaning professionals hold the same high standard that CottageCare was founded on. If you feel that your home is not cleaned to these standards, please give us a call as soon as possible and we will be happy to send a different cleaning professional to your home. To get started on your free quote, follow this link and introduce yourself. If you have other questions about custom tailored West Calgary home cleaning services that CottageCare offers, please feel free to ask them in the chat window. Please note that we do not give prices over chat.

When scheduling North Central Calgary home cleaning, turn to CottageCare for detailed cleaning and outstanding customer service.

Cleaning your home can be an unwanted chore, and CottageCare understands that sometimes you want to relax instead of cleaning your home. With this concept in mind, CottageCare welcomes you to experience the joy that comes with being free from housework. If you are ready to finally be free from the burden of housework, turn to CottageCare to get your North Central Calgary home cleaning scheduled.

When scheduling your family’s North Central Calgary home cleaning, remember to request all the services you want!

When requesting your quote, it is important to select all the services you want so we may provide you the most accurate possible. For example, when you are wanting a polished kitchen, many customers select inside cabinets and inside oven when they are filing out the quote boxes. After you fill out the information accordingly, your quote will be processed.

How is North Central Calgary home cleaning different from a traditional maid service?

A traditional maid service is typically hired to tidy up after their customers. If you are desiring a detailed deep home cleaning, CottageCare is the right answer. During your detailed home cleaning, a cleaning professional from CottageCare will visit your home with all the cleaning agents that will be needed. Here at CottageCare, we are passionate about using the best cleaning agents on your home. We only carry ecofriendly cleaning options. Ecofriendly cleaning agents are easier on the materials used in your home as well as your family’s health. Breathing in air filled with unnatural cleaning agents can easily give your family a headache. To avoid the side effects that come along with unnatural cleaning agents, make the switch to CottageCare. To get your free quote, follow this link and introduce yourself!

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