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Trust the expert house cleaners in Beaverton, OR at CottageCare to offer you fantastic house cleaning services that you’re sure to love!

If you’ve been searching for the best expert house cleaners in Beaverton, OR, or anywhere in the greater Portland area, such as Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, or Clackamas, the wait is over! CottageCare has been dominating the house cleaning industry for decades and we are proud to help Beaverton families find their Freedom From Housework® with the help of our fantastic house cleaners in Beaverton, OR. We are available on your schedule—weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or as-needed basis and we even offer custom tailored cleaning services to help you pay attention to the areas that only need cleaned once or twice a year, such as the garage, patio, or inside of appliances like ovens.

How will CottageCare’s house cleaners in Beaverton, OR help me find Freedom From Housework®?

When you turn to CottageCare’s expert house cleaners in Beaverton, OR for house cleaning services, we will be sure to scrub and polish every surface of your home to perfection. From ceiling fans, to window sills, countertops, carpet vacuuming or hard floor cleaning, and all that’s in between, you can count on CottageCare!

If you’re ready to get started with our house cleaners in Beaverton, OR, please contact us today! Simply click here or call 1-800-476-7830 to get your free quote today!