Thank you for joining us for our last post in our ultimate spring cleaning blog series! Yesterday we talked about how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your kitchen. Today we’re sharing tips on how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your bathroom and what you can do before your CottageCare crew member arrives at your home to get an even DEEPER CottageCare housecleaning! Also, we’re going to give you a few tips on a couple of tasks that are outside of our services that we offer, but with your help + CottageCare House Cleaning service combined, it will ensure that your home is 110% fresh and clean!

First, let’s start with what you can expect with our services in your bathroom! 

As you’ve seen with the living areas, bedrooms and kitchen there isn’t much to be done as a CottageCare customer and the bathrooms are no different!

Before your CottageCare crew member arrives, collect your hand towels, bath towels, shower curtain (if it’s cloth), and bath mats. Feel free to shake out any debris that may have collected in our bath mats onto the floor. We’ll be taking care of the floors for you anyway! Wash the tools, shower curtain and bath mats according to their are instructions. Some bath mats are safe to simply throw in the washer and dry, but it’s a good idea to double check! Replace your linens, towels and bath mats when dry.

Next, go through your bathroom drawers, cabinets or closets and decide what personal care products (soap, brushes, hair products, make up, medication, etc.)  you use on a regular basis and what you can part with. Once you’ve sorted through these items, wipe out any shelving or drawers before returning the products. There is also the option to add having your (product free) shelves and drawers cleaned during your CottageCare cleaning as an additional service if you’d prefer!

Last but not least, check the quality of the linens and towels in your linen closet. If they are wearing out consider cutting them up to use as hand towels in the garage, cleaning cloths for your window spring cleaning or donating the towels and linens to your local animal shelter.

By taking on these small tasks, you can enjoy the satisfaction that spring cleaning can provide! We hope you’ve found this blog series helpful and thank you for reading!