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With winter hitting the area hard, your home becomes a prime location for mud and salt to track it’s way indoors. Salt can create a real problem for wood floors. If the salt is tracked in before it melts, it can melt in your home and cause permanent damage to your floors. To get rid of the damage becomes expensive and time consuming. To protect your floors and your home, give CottageCare a call today to schedule your Gwinnett County professional home cleaning today!

Know that your home is protected against winter with Gwinnett County professional home cleaning from CottageCare!

Professional home cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your wood floors against the damaging chemicals of winter. During your Gwinnett County professional home cleaning, a cleaning professional will come out and visit your home. The team member will be fully equipped with the supplies he or she needs. CottageCare believes in using eco-friendly cleaning agents. The cleaning agents we use can provide the same deep clean that you are accustomed to without the harsh chemical smell.

Harsh chemial smells can easily impact your family’s health. With the majority of time spent indoors, your family should not be breathing in toxic chemical smells left behind harsh chemicals. Different people react differently to the smell of harsh chemicals. While some people may be unaffected, others might experience a painful headache. To help your family have a comfortable winter, give CottageCare a call to experience a better clean and the freedom from housework. If you are curious what our the extra services we offer, check them when requesting a quote! We are happy to provide you with the building blocks of a clean home. Click here to get started on a healthier home.