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Here in the center of Colorado, the winter can come fast! One day you went running with the dog outside in shorts, and the next you are bundled up next to the fire reading a good book. With winter almost ready to roll in, that also means the holidays are approaching right after that cold front! Prepare for a winter blackout this year by hiring CottageCare for your holiday home cleaning in El Paso County!

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After you introduce yourself for your free quote, stick around and check out what your neighbors are saying about the quality of our clean by checking out our testimonials! Testimonials are one of the best places to check out the service quality before paying the bill. Paying a bill for a cleaning company that didn’t do a good job can be very frustrating. Here at CottageCare, we are tired of cleaning companies getting away with a simply surface clean and calling it a day! We want to stand up for the highest level of clean that you should be getting! You should be getting your home cleaned with a deep cleaning company.

The difference between a deep clean, and surface clean may not be obvious right away. After a week, you will be able to see the dust and dirt again if you went for a surface clean, most customers that select a deep clean only needs holiday home cleaning in El Paso County once a month! Follow the link above for a free quote.