Detailed eco-friendly holiday home cleaning in Multnomah County from CottageCare provides extra peace of mind!

Are you ready for the extended family to come over? The decorations are sprinkled about, while the grocery list is complete. You feel prepared, but you also feel like you have forgotten something. Looking around your house, you remember you forgot to get your holiday home cleaning in Multnomah County! Have no fear, CottageCare is here! CottageCare is a professional deep cleaning home cleaning service that specializes in eco-friendly deep cleanings.

How is our holiday home cleaning in Multnomah County different from other maid services?

CottageCare’s deep holiday home cleaning in Multnomah County is a different type of clean. Here at CottageCare, we practice deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning goes above and beyond the call of duty. Most other maid services do a surface clean of your home. Deep cleaning ensures that dust bunnies and grim won’t come back to haunt you the next week. Surface cleaning fails to dig deep and eliminate the dirt and dust. Deep cleaning is usually done by hand. Elbow grease is the best part about cleaning! After a clean, you feel a sense of accomplishment!

CottageCare is passionate about your experience! If you feel like the level of clean pales in comparison to your expectations, we will gladly come back out and deep clean the area again. If you are still not happy with your holiday home cleaning in Multnomah County, CottageCare will gladly provide you with a refund. In addition to having a money-back guarantee, CottageCare only hires cleaning professionals that we would trust with our own homes. Know that your belongings and loved artifacts are safe. If you are hosting this year’s holiday, give us a call for a preparty holiday home cleaning in Multnomah County and and after party clean. Click here today to get a quote!


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