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Turn to CottageCare for professional Lake Oswego home cleaning for the holidays!

The snow is starting to roll in and the only thing you want to do is stay in and keep warm by the fireplace. Unfortunately, you have this week to prepare for the family celebration next week. Preperation may be stressful, and we want you to know that we are here to make your holiday hosting easier! CottageCare offers Lake Oswego home cleaning for the holidays! Holiday cleaning is one of the most important steps to get done in order to prepare for the holidays and many families bypass cleaning because “it’s just family.” Family are the most important people to clean for!

This season, know that you are 100% prepared with a Lake Oswego home cleaning for the holidays! Click here today to get your quote!

A freshly cleaned home can easily welcome family members that either don’t remember your home or the new family members! The most important aspect of your Lake Oswego home cleaning for the holidays is that the cleaning agents used will not harm your family. Since only 30 percent of the chemicals found in the popular brands you are accustomed to, you are unknowingly exposing your family to untested chemicals!

How many times have you hated how the smell of bleach takes over your entire home? This holiday season, you should smell the delicious scent of holiday cheer coming from the kitchen, not the cleaning cabniet! Many times, home owners will use a candle to cover up the smell of bleach. This tactic may not always work and it presents a fire hazard if you have small children or pets running around. To kickstart this holiday season as one for the books, give CottageCare a call to schedule your Lake Oswego home cleaning for the holidays. Follow the link above for a free quote! After you introduce yourself, a member of the CottageCare team will contact you.