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Leawood Kansas Home Cleaning

leawood kansas home cleaning

If you are looking for a high quality Leawood Kansas home cleaning, turn to CottageCare! Learn some simple life hacks to keep your home cleaner for longer.

leawood kansas home cleaningKeeping your home clean can be a challenge if your family has busy schedules and lead active lives. Families that spend more time outdoors track in more allergens and dirt than other families. if you are trying to keep your home cleaner for longer, schedule reoccurring Leawood Kansas home cleaning visits from the CottageCare team! In addition to weekly visits from our team, CottageCare wants to cue you in on some great life hacks to help you keep your home cleaner for longer!

Some terrific Leawood Kansas home cleaning life hacks can make or bank the bank!

If you don’t keep up on your Leawood Kansas home cleaning, then you may be spending more on cleaning products and extra services than you need to be. A standard deep cleaning is suggested once a week. What about the other six days a week? It’s okay. CottageCare is here to save the day!

Leawood Kansas home cleaning life hack #1:

Save water and time by using lemon juice and salt to clean your cutting boards! The salt is able to strip away any greasey residue and flavor while the lemon washes away any leftover food. Pour the salt on the board. Slice a lemon in half and pick one half to rub over the salt covered cutting board.

Leawood Kansas home cleaning life hack #2:

With your kids running in and out of the kitchen, the appliances in your kitchen have finger prints all over them! Cream of tartar has the cleaning power to buff all your stainless steel appliances.

These are just some simple steps you can take between your CottageCare visit to maintain a clean home. To schedule your Leawood Kansas home cleaning, follow this link and introduce yourself!

Residential Cleaning as low as $9900 Get A Quote

This price reflects the national average price of a 3-bedroom house and may vary depending on rooms to be cleaned, frequency of service, and local taxes.

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