Little Rock hard floor cleanings

If you have hardwood floors, keep them in the best condition by booking Little Rock hard floor cleanings from CottageCare!

Hardwood floors are stunning when they are kept in good condition. Lately, the market trend has been favoring hardwood floors over carpet. Although they are a fan favorite, hardwood floors require more upkeep than your tradition carpet. To make sure your cherry wood floors stay beautiful for longer, speak to a cleaning professional at CottageCare today about scheduling your Little Rock hard floor cleanings.

Little Rock hard floor cleanings are designed to prolong the life of your hardwood floors.

CottageCare is passionate about helping you maintain the cleanliness of your home and giving you the freedom from housework. When you sign up for your Little Rock hard floor cleanings, save money by odering weekly visits! Weekly visits are the best option for constantly beautiful floors. If you do not have the time to schedule weekly visits from the cleaning professionals, we have included some great tips to stay on top of their matience. Spring cleaning is the best time to check out all the great tips! Click here to see what Martha Stewart is saying about this year’s Spring cleaning!

Never mop between your Little Rock hard floor cleanings!

The majority of hardwood floors are sanded, stained, sealed, and then waxed to the shiny perfection you are used to. If your floors are waxed, never mop them! Moping a waxed floor with pressure and a wet sponge can easily wear the wax. To clean up daily spills, attack them with barely damp towels or use the sponge off of a mop.

Learn how to dust your floors after Little Rock hard floor cleanings.

If you take pride in cleaning your own hardwood floors, then we are here to help you the best we can. Don’t sweep, dust. Sweeping mearly pushes the dirt and dust around. Dusting kicks dirt and dust to the curb! You deserve a break from housework. Many of our customers love doing housework, but desire a week off here and there. For you week off, call up CottageCare. Follow this link for a free quote.