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CottageCare offer a different kind of maid services in Colorado Springs! Experience a cleaner home today!

While your mind is racing around attempting to prepare for the entire family to come over for the holiay season, you home is collecting armies of dust and allergens. They will be hiding in the depths of the hallway closest awaiting the perfect time to charge upon your extended family. To properly prepare your home for the holidays, CottageCare offers maid services in Colorado Springs! Be careful of which company you hire to prepare your home for family gatherings. Some maid services fail to deep clean your home. Failing to deep clean your home will not fight off the dust and allergens!

CottageCare offers you healthier maid services in Colorado Springs.

CottageCare believes that you can achieve a healthy clean without the harsh chemials the other maid services use. Harsh chemicals bring a lot of unknown hazards with them. While only 30% of the chemicals are tested, 100% of the eco-friendly products CottageCare uses are tested. Eco-friendly cleaning agents provide a safer clean for your family and friends. In some cases, bleach may cause headaches and migraines if the order is too strong. Strong chemical orders are not present in the eco-friendly cleaning agents CottageCare uses. You can trust that your home will smell of cinnamon and nutmeg instead of harsh bleach.

Selecting maid services in Colorado Springs can be difficult when just glancing at names. When searching for the right fit, explore what you are getting for your money! At CottageCare, we are passionate about providing the area’s top-quality services and outstanding customer service. To get your free quote, select which services you are in need of by following this link. After you submit your inquiry, a member of CottageCare will touch base with you shortly.