Monument County Pre-Party Home Cleaning | CottageCare

If you live in Monument County you understand why the entire family loves coming over. Be ready for family gatherings with a Monument County pre-party home cleaning from CottageCare.

This time of the year, the leaves change and the stores explode with everything that is pumpkin. With the change in seasons brings a change in holidays. Soon, your entire family will be gathered around a table feasting over plump turkey and creamy mashed potatoes. If you are hosting the evening’s festivities, you have probably already made a to-do list. At the top of your to-do list is clean, but who has time to do that with everything else that needs to be done? Use your resources and give CottageCare a call and schedule a Monument County pre-party home cleaning!

What is included in the Monument County pre-party home cleaning package?

CottageCare does not provide services packages because no two homes are exactly alike! We believe that in-order to get the most out of your Monument County pre-party home cleaning, you tell us what services you need. When getting your free quote, let us know what extra services you are interested in! CottageCare is happy to offer:

  • Oven interior
  • Fridge interior
  • Deck sweeping
  • Garage sweeping
  • and the interior of cabinets

In addition to selecting which services you are needing in your home, please tell us how often you would like a deep cleaning from CottageCare. The more often you sign up for services, the more you save! Saving money has never been so squeaky clean. To sign up for your free quote, follow this link. A member of CottageCare will reach out to you regarding your Monument County pre-party home cleaning!