Peoria Home Cleaning for Mother's Day | CottageCare

This Mother’s Day, plan for a great day. Start the day with Peoria home cleaning from CottageCare!

From the moment Mom wakes up, she should have a day devoted to how she would like to spend it. Cleaning the house is probably not on her list of things she would like to do. Are you ready for Mother’s Day? If you are frantically running around, give CottageCare a call today to either schedule your home cleaning or to order your birth certificate. Once you get off the phone, make a quick run to the local convenience store to pick up some simple beauty products she will adore and simple groceries. We suggest placing these beauty products in a basket decorated by the kids. If you take the kids with you to the store, you can have them pick out something to place in the basket as well. Some great gift baskets must-haves are:

  • Bubble bath
  • Bath salts, scrubs, or bath bombs
  • Tea lights are a great price for a great quantity
  • New exfoliating sponge scrub
  • Her favorite Pandora or Spotify tunes to relax to

After her relaxing bath, she should be ready for some family fun and homemade food.

Speak to a member at CottageCare today to schedule your Peoria home cleaning! Click here to get started.