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Is your kitchen ready for the seventh inning stretch? Get ready for baseball season with Peoria kitchen cleaning services from CottageCare!

It is time to step up your cleaning routine if you are hosting baseball watch parties. Step up your Peoria kitchen cleaning services with CottageCare. The kitchen is the most important room in the house! When your kitchen is clean, it makes it easier to prepare meals and to avoid going out for food. Save money by preparing your favorite fan food at home! Before you invite everybody over, give CottageCare a call today to schedule your Peoria kitchen cleaning services.

While everybody may not hang out in the kitchen during the game, your guests will still make stops in and out to grab food and drinks. When your guest enters your kitchen, what reaction do you want them to have? Many customers that use CottageCare understand the importance of a clean home. A clean home gives the homeowner a sense of pride and ownership. If your kitchen is dirty, there is a less likely chance that your guests will want to eat the food you spent half the day preparing.

CottageCare has some simple tips and tricks to share to keep your kitchen clean during the game. To make cleanig up easier, place all plates on plastic wrap. The wrap will make it easier for you to clean and to keep the counters stain free. There are some simple household items that may help with your after party clean up mission:

  • White vinegar can removes spots from your hardwoord floors.
  • Hydrogen peroxide has the power to break up counter stains.
  • Baking soda is perfect for spots on a tiled surface.
  • Salt cleans a cast iron skillet to perfection.

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