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Check out City Mom’s Blog’s great review of CottageCare’s professional house cleaning services in Oklahoma City!

Recently, a writer for Oklahoma City Mom’s Blog received CottageCare’s professional house cleaning services in Oklahoma City and here’s what she had to say:

“I have a slight confession to make. I hate to clean. I can pick up with the best of them, singing the favorite kid’s song, “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.” But if you were to ask me when the last time I washed down my baseboards or *cough* dusted my shelves, I might look at you as if you had three heads. Because I simply don’t have the time, energy or motivation.

It never dawned on me to consider bringing in a service to do those things for me until Cottage Care, Inc. was brought to my attention. I’m a stay-at-home mom who runs a business in her spare time, but mostly I’ve always thought that my duty as a mom and a wife was to keep the house clean. However, that one thing I was putting on my shoulders made me feel like I was failing. Failing to do that deep clean where the bones of the house felt washed and that layer of grime was removed.

Enter Cottage Care, with their 25 years of experience. I called to set up the appointment and I was given a next week option. I was also given two times on that day that they could come – with a 30 minute window of waiting. None of that plumber stuff where they give you a 9-5 possible show up time. I chose my timeframe, and since I was a newbie, asked a few questions. Do I need to stay at the house? Up to me. Do I need to pick up ahead of time? It depended on if I wanted my stuff put away by someone else or placed where I wanted it. Do I need to set out cleaning supplies? Nope – they bring their own economically friendly products which help protect the environment, my personal property and the crew that is using them. My heart did a happy pitter patter and I couldn’t wait until the day arrived!

The night before, I tidied up my home. Stacks of papers and clutter were put away and toys were stacked on the shelves. If someone was going to clean for me, I wanted to be as helpful as possible in preparation. The morning of the cleaning, Brittany arrived with a full smile and professional persona. She asked me to show her around and highlighted all areas that she would clean. I was getting giddier by the second. She would wipe down all surfaces – dressers, fans, cobwebs, baseboards. She would clean the surfaces. She would pick up all items and dust underneath. Appliances, cabinet doors, countertops and floors were cleaned by hand. This jewel sent to me to clean my home was speaking my language! She vacuumed my carpets, swept and mopped my rather dirty floors and wiped all traces of little finger prints off my tables. Oh and the best part? The toilet. The base was CLEAN. The toilet paper was folded like I was at a swanky hotel. My friend even offered to come eat off my floors and I almost let her because they were actually clean.

The whole cleaning session took about 4 hours. She let me know this ahead of time so my son and I went off in search of donuts and to run a few errands. I was able to enjoy the time with my boy instead of stressing about that mile-high to-do list at the house. It was freedom from housework, which is a fabulous feeling! One of the managers also came by the house to double check that everything was being properly cleaned. This happens on all cleaning appointments!

Knowing that Cottage Care is just a phone call away changes my life. This is a perfect solution for the busy working mom or that twice a year deep clean that we all need. They are committed to doing the job right, every time, so if there is something you want addressed or fixed, just let them know and it will happen!

If this sounds like something you are interested in, let me help point you in the right direction. You can visit their website to get a quote and set up a cleaning which will connect you to our very friendly Oklahoma City location. They will answer all questions you might have and will work with your schedule. You’ll also get a few reminders before the cleaning so you won’t forget {as if that could happen!}

I know my house won’t stay clean forever. In fact, 2 hours after Brittany left, my daughter came home and dumped her backpack all over the floor. We live in our homes and it gets messy on a daily basis. But, that one day when I got my house cleaned will shine in my memory for a long time.”

If you’re ready to get started with CottageCare’s fantastic house cleaning services in Oklahoma City or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to get a free quote today!