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The end of January is almost here! Have you kept up with all of your resolutions? What about your resolution to keep a clean home? The easiest way to keep up your resolution is to call in the professionals. We understand that finding the right cleaning professionals can be a challenge. The home cleaning industry is booming with brands and names you have never heard of which makes selecting a professional Lake Oswego home cleaning company difficult. Here at CottageCare, we are determined to prove that we give you the most thorough cleaning for a better price.

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Have you ever scheduled a maid service only to find out that they tacked on extra fees? We don’t want to hide unexpected fees in your service. That is not good customer service! We understand that as the customer, you expect certain things from your cleaning professionals, and we are excited to be able to provide one of the area’s best customer service to our customers. In addition to the area’s best customer service, we offer eco-friendly cleaning to make your family healthier.

Now that winter is hitting our area with everything is has, the majority of time your family spends outdoors in kept to an extreme minimum. Do you know what your family is breathing in? Over 65 percent of the ingredients found in the typical cleaning agents have chemcials that are tested. With 100 percent of the ingredients found in our eco-friendly cleaning agents tested for the potential negative side effects, we can promise that your family will be breathing in healtier air than ever before.