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This New Year, do something special for you! Contact CottageCare today for your recurring maid services in Suwanee.

The New Year has finally arrived! The promise of a “fresh start” is always the strongest at the start of the year. This year, CottageCare challenges you to do something for yourself. Instead of writing down resolutions that you know you won’t keep past February, write down that you will keep your home hazard free for you and your family. Many people made the switch to recurring maid services in Suwanee last year! There are many hazards found in your home that you may not be able to see, or smell.

Unknown hazards that are found in your home are usually from the least suspected culprits! The biggest culprit for hiding hazards is your favorite cleaning agent. If you use cleaning agents that are not eco-friendly, then you may be putting your family at risk for an unnecessary headache this year! It is common that your “clean” smell is an unnatural smell caused by strong chemicals. Many chemicals your home is accustomed to being cleaned with do not have the entire ingredient list checked. With only 30 percent of ingredients found in that bottle are checked. Winter in full swing! Now that your family is spending the majority of their time inside, make the important switch to CottageCare today for an eco-friendly clean!

Many believe that eco-friendly cleaning agents are not as powerful as standard chemicals. CottageCare is proud to ensure you that your reoccurring maid services in Suwanee will be spotless every visit or your money back! We stand behind our cleaning products and we are proud to stand behind our customers as well. CottageCare is one of the only home cleaning services that offers a money-back guarantee. This year, trust in your resolutions and trust in us.

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