Simplify Life! | CottageCare

The seasons are changing, and so are your schedules! Whether the kids are going back to school, you work life is getting busier, or you’re ramping up your fall marathon training; the truth is we can all use a little extra help!  Instead of trying to “do it all” – let’s simplify your life!

Here are a few helpful links from us to help you not only to survive your busy schedule, but to thrive in the process!

Are you finding yourself too short on time to prepare dinner with the after school activities and homework at the end of the day? Here are some wonderful slow cooker recipes. Set it, and forget it!

How about home organization? Do you need more daily order to help the flow of your routine, or inspiration for home décor?

Remember, CottageCare is always here for your weekly, every-other-week, monthly and, occasional cleaning needs—also a means of simplifying your life!