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When searching for the area’s best South Bend Indiana home cleaning, turn to CottageCare! Introduce yourself today for a free quote.

Spring is finally here and that means the cleaning must start. Have you ever finsihed your Spring cleaning without lifting a finger? Lucky for you, CottageCare specializes in helping you finish your seasonal cleaning with you being free from housework. After scheduling your South Bend Indiana home cleaning, you will notice a big difference.

Notice big differences in your old South Bend Indiana home cleaning and your new one from CottageCare!

During your South Bend Indiana home cleaning, the CottageCare team member cleaning your home will deeply clean your home starting from the top to the bottom. Deep cleaning is the key to a clean home. When you purchase cleaning services from a maid service, they typically just tidy-up. While some families need a weekly tidy-up, that service does not clean your home. Only a deep South Bend Indiana home cleaning will keep your home fresher for longer.

Keeping your home fresher for longer is the secret key all homeowners seek. If you find yourself wanting a really clean home all time but can’t find the time to do it yourself, give CottageCare a call today. You will be free from housework and you will always have a clean home with weekly CottageCare visits. When you order your services in bulk, weekly visits save you the most money! During your weekly visits, a cleaning member will come out and visit your home at a scheduled time and only preform the cleaning services you purchased. We will not clean inside the cabinets and sweep the deck if you did not request these additional services. To schedule your South Bend Indiana home cleaning, follow this link and claim your free quote!