At CottageCare we take pride in paying our crew members above average wages for their above average cleaning skills. Not only do we have high expectations from our crew members, but they have all had extensive background checks, are bonded and insured, and are able to communicate effectively with our customers and other crew members. We would never put anybody in your home that we wouldn’t put in our own homes. In fact, that’s where a lot of our crew members start! This really helps us identify the areas we can help them improve on and continue to grow as a CottageCare crew member.


You’ll notice from time to time that a service center manager may inspect your home at the end of your housecleaning. These inspections are to ensure that we are producing consistent quality cleanings using our CottageCare techniques. Training is on-going and we believe there is always room for improvement! Our pricing reflects all of the aforementioned qualifications and expectations of our CottageCare crew!


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