Be ready for baby’s first bath by scheduling your Washington Park bathroom cleaning services. CottageCare offers free quotes!

Having a newborn in your house is both exciting and exhausting. One moment you are alseep dreaming away, and the next you are rocking your baby back to sleep. Once your baby is ready to take his or her first bath, know that your tub is as clean as possible. Washington Park bathroom cleaning services from CottageCare ensure that your bathroom is squeaky clean. A clean bathtub means a clean baby and happy parents.

In addition to having a clean bathtub for your beloved baby, the type of cleaning agent you use is important too. Some cleaning agents have a lingering smell that could hurt your newborn. To stay clear of possible side effects, get your home cleaned by cleaning professionals who believe in using ecofriendly cleaning agents. Ecofriendly cleaning sprays and pastes that have been tested for your home and for their empact on the environment. After passing with flying colors, many homes are making the switch. Although plenty of families are making the switch, other cleaning maid services have not made the switch.

By scheduling Washington Park bathroom cleaning services through CottageCare, you are scheduling a bathroom cleaning from the professionals. Keep your baby safe and bathtime enjoyable with having a clean bathroom. Toliets and sinks are cleaned inside out with ecofriendly toilet bowl cleaner. The following steps are the steps completeled by the CottageCare:

  1. Trash and cobwebs are removed
  2. Bathrub and/or shower is scoured and scrubbed
  3. The facets are cleaned with glass cleaner
  4. Sink is scored and scrubbed
  5. Tile and counters are scrubbed and polished to perfection!

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