Get The ULTIMATE CottageCare Spring Cleaning pt. 2!

Welcome to our ultimate spring cleaning blog series! In our previous post, we talked about how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your living areas and bedrooms. Today we’re sharing tips on how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your kitchen and what you can do before your CottageCare crew member arrives at your home to get an … Continued

How To Get The ULTIMATE [best] CottageCare Spring Cleaning!

Happy spring everyone! Today we’re going to talk about how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your living areas and bedrooms. Yes, it’s true! There are a few things that you can do before the CottageCare crew member arrives at your home to get an even DEEPER CottageCare housecleaning! Also, we’re going to give you … Continued

Super Spring Cleaning! How To Clean Windows 101!

Last week we wrapped up our Green in 2017 mini blog series, and will be diving into another mini series on a topic that we REALLY love… SPRING CLEANING! While we provide housecleaning services, we want to provide you with all the tools necessary to get your home organized and so clean it shines! We will … Continued

Green in 2017: Great Eco Friendly Home Renovation Tips!

  Thank you for joining us in our Green in 2017 blog series! We’ve covered eco friendly habits to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, cleaning solutions, fresh air, and the dirty details on paper towels and sponges! To conclude this mini series, we’re going to touch on environmentally friendly home renovations! Many environmentally friendly materials … Continued

Extra Eco Friendly Habits for a [MORE] Sustainable Lifestyle!

Hello friends! Thanks for reading! If you’re new here, we’ve started a weekly blog series with tips on how to commit to going green in 2017! This week, we are going to share a few extra eco friendly habits to hopefully guide you in living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tips we are going to … Continued

Going Green in 2017! Eco Friendly [fresh] Cleaning Solutions

This week on the blog, we will be continuing our Going Green in 2017 series with DIY eco friendly and super fresh cleaning solutions for your home! If you’re new to the CottageCare blog feel free to catch up on our previous Going Green in 2017 posts. You can read about eco friendly air freshener tips … Continued

Going Green in 2017. Great Eco Friendly Air Freshener Tips!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s post on the The Dirty Details [and facts] on Paper Towels and Sponges. Excited to continue our efforts in spreading awareness to “Go Green in 2017”, this week we are going to talk about the harmful effects of air fresheners on our environment and give you a few eco friendly … Continued

The Dirty Details [and facts] on Paper Towels and Sponges

Previously on the CottageCare blog, we’ve provided you with between the CottageCare Housecleaning tips to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. These tips have included basic tasks like wiping up spills as they happen, taking out the trash when it’s full, putting away laundry instead of letting it pile up, making your bed each … Continued

Reflecting on 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017

What a year it’s been! 2016 was many things for many people, and we are so grateful for our CottageCare family and customers. This time of year we like to reflect on the good, take note of lessons learned and look forward to the upcoming year. Looking ahead with the Rwanda Project, we are currently … Continued