Post Holiday Clean Up Tutorial

The guests have left, you’re probably finishing off holiday leftovers and there’s a good chance your home is a bit out of sorts with holiday decor and new items to incorporate into your home. Here is a quick post holiday clean up tutorial! First things first, don’t sweat the small stuff! Your home didn’t reach it’s … Continued

A Thank You from Baton Rouge

This past August, our Baton Rouge office was affected by the catastrophic flooding that destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. Coined the worst US national disaster since 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, Louisiana’s John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency. 4 CottageCare crew members in our Baton Rouge office lost everything the owned. 1 crew member … Continued

5 Minute Candy Cane Fudge!

5 minutes?! That’s quicker than you can dust and vacuum a room, and we are all about time efficiency! Say hello to Jessica! Jessica is part of our Customer Engagement Team at our Corporate Office. Today she is going to be sharing one of her favorite holiday recipes with us. It only requires 5 ingredients! … Continued