Beaverton Deep Home Cleaning | CottageCare

Impress your clients with a Beaverton deep home cleaning from the professionals at CottageCare!

Impressing your new inlaw is important! The best way to impress your new family members is to present a clean home. If you are finding yourself needing constant home cleaning, then it might be time to hire a CottageCare team member to complete your Beaverton deep home cleaning. You will never have to doubt that there is a hidden pretzel left over from a Super Bowl party ever again!

CottageCare offers Beaverton deep home cleaning so you can focus on what really matters, your family!

CottageCare understands that your family takes top priority! For your Beaverton deep home cleaning, a member of CottageCare will come out to your home and clean it ceiling to baseboards. The first step is to ensure the ceiling is dust-free and spotless. Secondly, the crown molding and walls will be dusted and cleaned. If you have blinds on your windows, we promise that each blind will be clean on the top and the bottom. After the walls, lights, and window treatments are spotless, your CottageCare team member will move onto the furniture ensuring a dust-free office space. To end your CottageCare home cleaning, the baseboards and floor will be vacuummed and polished.

Once our team member is finished, he or she will double check that all the services you ordered are completed to our high cleaning standards. If you feel like the team member’s cleaning standards are not up to par, we offer a money-back guarantee! We will send a different cleaning professional if you feel like our first team member didn’t do a great job. Here at CottageCare, we are dedicated to showing you that we are the better maid service. To get your quote, follow this link and introduce yourself!