Go beyond standard with custom cleaning services

Custom tailored cleaning services can be any number of things

Types of cleanings that are not part of our typical routine must be requested on an individual basis to determine if it is something that can be accomplished within our scope of responsibilities. These types of customized cleanings may include any of the following, and more:

  • Vacant move-in and move-out cleanings: This custom tailored cleaning service takes much longer than our typical cleanings because we clean the entire inside of closets, shelves, inside of the kitchen and other cabinets, appliances that are empty or where old appliances used to sit. An empty house often takes twice as long so it will likely cost a bit more to have this done. However, since you’ll only have to focus on the actual moving, rather than cleaning after you’re totally exhausted from hauling boxes, we think our move-in and move-out cleanings are certainly worth it.
  • Apartment complex cleanings: Property managers may seek a trusted team to come in after construction or between tenants. Whether it’s a single unit or multiple units, count on the CottageCare team to offer the best in apartment complex cleanings.
  • Garage Cleaning or Sweeping: Once or twice a year, it is a great idea to sweep out the leaves, cobwebs, and dust that has been gathering in the garage. Ask your local CottageCare about a garage cleaning or sweeping today!

Get in touch with your local CottageCare location today to request your custom tailored cleaning services!

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I love the service I get from CottageCare. I enjoy a consistently clean house month after month that leaves me free to do other fun things. Thanks CottageCare!

Debbie A. (Dallas, TX)

Since we have had a previous cleaning service before CottageCare, we can honestly say there is NO comparison. Thank you CottageCare for making my life easier.

Helen B. (Charlotte, NC)

The house looks amazing! Your team did a wonderful job and I look forward to their next visit.

Jenna K. (Bloomington, IL)

I love CottageCare! Feel free to use me as a reference!

Sandra B. (Columbus, OH)

Very professional, friendly and accommodating. Never a problem and always satisfied! More than willing to ask for and receive feedback.

Sandy K.

I find the office of CottageCare Denver SouthEast to be an absolute pleasure to deal with. I use them for my home cleaning. Their customer service is outstanding.

Lizzy J.

I’m so happy. The house is sparkling! Kim did a wonderful job. Setting up the appointment was easy, convenient and friendly. Your staff is very efficient and professional. And the house is sooooo clean! thank you CottageCare!


We have used Cottage Care for several years and are very pleased. I have recommended them to many people and I know they have done a good job for them as well.

April D.

I was on the fence for years about having my home professionally cleaned. Now I regret waiting so long! My house is sparkling clean and the cost was lower than expected.

Vicki W.

I am very pleased with CottageCare’s work. I have been using them for a few months. I continue to use them because I trust her and she does a good job. They are great and I recommend them.

Stow C.

I just love coming home to a such s nice clean home!! They (she) does an excellent job I have complaints for sure! I tell all my friends and family about your company in fact I know 4 people who use your company because of me.

Lois M.

Wonderful job and wonderful people. I was very, very happy with their work, my house looked and smelled great! It was like walking into a posh hotel. I am so pleased with them that I recommend them to everyone. No other cleaning company compares.

Claire P.

North American Locations

Recruiting and managing an individual to clean your home can be time-intensive and unpredictable. Gain the benefits of working with a nationally recognized cleaning service to ensure your cleaning will be consistent and the quality of the work never diminishes. Our call center will ensure scheduling is a breeze. With over 45+ years in the business and 40+ locations in the United States and Canada, CottageCare consistently receives the highest quality reviews from our customers across the country.

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  • 45+ Years in the Business

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Custom Tailored Cleaning Services | CottageCare
Custom Tailored Cleaning Services | CottageCare
Custom Tailored Cleaning Services | CottageCare
Custom Tailored Cleaning Services | CottageCare