Dusting and Carpet Vacuuming Services

Enjoy your fresh, clean home at all times with CottageCare’s superb dusting and carpet vacuuming services

Our routine for dusting and vacuuming ensures no dust is left behind and the cleanest vacuum lines.

  1. dusting and carpet vacuuming servicesFirst, we collect trash from all receptacles, always making sure we empty each one and we also empty any shredders.
  2. We then pick up and make any beds before doing any additional cleaning to prevent dust from getting inside the sheets. Any newspapers, magazines, toys, etc. that may be strewn around the furniture or floors are organized in neat stacks.
  3. Next, the perimeter of the room is cobwebbed from top to bottom, catching the cobwebs and dust in the corners of the ceiling, behind the drapes, along the woodwork and baseboards, behind the furniture, etc. to make sure no dust or cobwebs are left behind. Blinds are turned in both directions and dusted with the cobwebber and then returned to their original direction, leaving them dust free and looking great.
  4. The furniture is dusted and cleaned next which is covered in the furniture cleaning section of the services page.
  5. Finally, the floors are vacuumed according to their surface; carpets using the upright and hard surface floors using the canister. We vacuum the entire surface of the floor, moving all furniture that we are able to without creating physical hazards. Never wanting to disrupt the clean lines left be the vacuum, we always work our way out of the room to make sure no footprints are left behind.

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Dusting and Vacuuming Checklist

  • Decor is dusted
  • All upholstery is vacuumed
  • Walls, fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards are dusted and cobwebbed
  • Blinds are cobwebbed and dusted
  • All furniture is dusted
  • Floors are edged and vacuumed
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