Party Host Etiquette 101 + Awesome Easter Brunch Menu Ideas!

Spring is in full swing, and provides many opportunities to host an event at your home! Today we will be discussing topics on host etiquette while entertaining party guests, and also sharing a few Easter brunch ideas with you! Accommodate for allergies.  Allergies, long-term food lifestyles (veganism, vegetarianism, kosher) for religious or medical reasons are … Continued

Get The ULTIMATE [best!] CottageCare Spring Cleaning pt. 3!

Thank you for joining us for our last post in our ultimate spring cleaning blog series! Yesterday we talked about how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your kitchen. Today we’re sharing tips on how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your bathroom and what you can do before your CottageCare crew member arrives at your home to get an even DEEPER … Continued