House Cleaning 101 | CottageCare
House Cleaning 101 | CottageCare

How to Keep a House Clean

Cleaning a house can be an ongoing struggle. It is a struggle that you don’t have to deal with by yourself. When it becomes too much to handle or you just want some help, call in a professional house cleaning service to help you get caught up or help you maintain on a regular basis.

Expert House Cleaning Tips

Not everyone is born with a natural knack for cleaning. It is something that can be learned and developed over time. There are some expert cleaning tips that can help you along the way.

  • Find cleaning products you trust and feel comfortable using.
  • Declutter your most used spaces first
  • Find a home for everything. This way you know where to put it when it’s not picked up.
  • Organize objects like kids’ toys and books where they are accessible and easy for kids to put away.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day on some area of your house and keep to your overall schedule possibly assigning a certain room to each day of the week.
  • Stay up on laundry by doing laundry a few times a week rather than having a large amount to do all at one time. Smaller amounts will be less overwhelming and help you get it done fast.
  • Throw away or donate unused items that are cluttering up space. Start with one area at a time and break the task down into smaller projects.
  • Set chores for other family members (if applicable) and allow others to help you out.
  • Clean up after meals and wash dishes once a day, or more if need be.
  • Vacuum at least once a week. This could depend on how much your home is used or if you have pets. You could need this done more often if there are pets in the home. Getting rid of all the dust, debris, and pet hair can help everyone breathe easier.
  • Give yourself time for breaks and make cleaning fun with music. No one wants to do something that seems like a boring chore or punishment.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be something you or your family despises doing. If it gets to a point where you feel you need the help of dedicated home cleaners, call in the experts at CottageCare. Our staff would love to help you with regular house cleaning services, Spring Cleaning, or even cleaning to help get your house ready for the holidays. Learn more about the services we offer and find a location near you today.