March 12 – March 31

Published our Covid-19 protocols to all staff. These procedures
protected customers, crew and managers from contagion for
tens of thousands of cleanings.

Launched a video to customers ensuring our Covid protocols are
effective and offering them the ability to pay what they can for
cleaning. Also announced that our cleaning crew will not need to
worry about layoffs or lesser pay and in fact, indicated we will
pay hazard pay when necessary.

March 24 – April 17

Announced that to date, we have had no instances of contagion or exposures. Our protocols have been effective and kept our crew and customers safe while also preventing the spread by cleaning homes with cleaning supplies that are designated to kill the virus.

September 1

Crew thank you video! We are very appreciative of our
staff and optimistic that we will continue to climb back to
a territory of growth!

Tough times can make companies even better. That’s our story. Here’s one of our Thank You videos.



Revenue went to 50% (of 2019), then 60%, then 70% then 80%, then 90%, all in about five 5-week increments. Darn close to 2019 sales at 26 weeks.


What worked?

Our procedures, developed back in our early days of the late 70’s – crews of 1 (perfect for minimal contact – no cars with 3-4 people in them, no crews of 3 or 4 people coming in to clean), plus adherence to our Covid protocols by our highly-committed family of managers and cleaners, as well as keeping in touch with employees and customers via videos.


How’d we do?

We thrived, we innovated, we made some permanent upgrades to our management systems. We came out better than before.

Customer and Employee feedback during Covid

“Tom–I just want to say that you are a good man. Your employees should be proud of the fact that they work for CottageCare. I will take advantage of your offer to pay what I feel is appropriate for cleaning my house and I will make an appointment to have one of your cleaners come out and do a Spring Cleaning. As the owner of a building where you have an office, I very much appreciate the fact that you have been timely with your rent payments during this difficult time. You have a great value system.”


“I am thankful for being able to have a job with awesome coworkers everyday in this crazy time!”

Ginger – Dallas/Forth Worth

“I am grateful to work for a company that has taken care of our team during such a trying time. Our manager has gone above and beyond when it comes to making sure each and every one of us feels safe and secure with our jobs. I am beyond appreciative.”

Chelsey W. – Colorado Springs

“Tom, wanted to let you know what great pros you have in your Dallas-Carrollton, Texas team, especially manager Lydia Paxton and assistant manager Haley, who is my cleaning professional. This video is proof you’re running a top-tier operation and it’s reflected in the professional service I get from them. Your commitment to your team is impressive. I promise to return your dedication to them in turn; count on me as a loyal customer now and for as long as I live where you do business.”


“Heidi and Amelia of the North Central CottageCare team are awesome people to deal with and also very hard working. There’s alot of balls in the air to jungle in the recent months since COVID-19 and they’ve done an awesome job of maintaining consistency in scheduling and work ethic. They also maintain COVID-19 precautions by wearing masks and maintaining distance if we’re passing through while they’re in our home. We do the same out of respect for their health and others in their family. We really value and appreciate what they do for us in our home. We’d be lost without them cause we’re so busy with an 18 month old and very busy work lives. Thanks for your help North Central CottageCare Team.”


Covid | CottageCare

Lydia P., manager of Dallas Carrollton office had this to say about the covid era with CottageCare:

“I just wanted to share with you my thankfulness for how you have handled this year… I reflected on how much stronger I feel as a manager now than I did at the beginning of the year.

There is something beautiful about struggling through difficult times and coming through the other side better and brighter than you were before. I know the catalyst to success, many more ways than just monetarily, are the values you stand by when it seems counterintuitive to do so.  Thank you for having the faith to do what you’ve done! It’s beautiful to see what’s been created this year. I feel like we are all closer to a “team” of managers and corporate workers. I feel more like we’re, or at least a lot of us, are connected in purpose.

Working here is not just a job for many of us. We really, truly care about growth. We really, truly want to make our offices successful, our crew satisfied and long-term, and our customers thrilled with the cleanings we provide. It speaks to the love we have for you, that when we have a rough week we hurt because it hurts (or at least doesn’t help) CottageCare as a whole. Thank you for being the kind of bosses you are! Your care for us, our crew, and our customers is inspiring and makes me want to be even better.”