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About CottageCare

Our Founder, Tom Schrader, was one of the early pioneers in creating the organized and professional house cleaning industry. With his early and successful start in 1976 at the age of 23, some of the big names in this industry consulted directly and indirectly with him when they started up their companies in the late 70s and early 80s.

So much of this industry has his ‘fingerprints’ all over it, yet CottageCare®, which Tom started in 1988, still has some unique features to it that make a huge impact with making services even better for our customers. This includes paying attention to how we do things time-efficiently (making our services more affordable) and quality-effectively (making CottageCare® the best.) Tom has also set a high standard for WHY we do things the way we do by establishing a Values Statement of six words: Act Justly. Be Generous. Walk Humbly.

Tom and Sheri Schrader, President and CEO Team, CottageCare® house cleaning companyAfter the death of Tom’s wife from cancer at the age of 35, Sheri joined the Schrader family as wife and mom. She later became involved in the family house cleaning company when Corporate needed administrative help. The ability to travel with Tom to visit service centers across North America soon made the 24/7 duo an effective partnership in helping to keep the family feel to an ever-growing enterprise.

After leaving the Army in 2006, Schrader Family, Executive Team, CottageCare® housekeeping companyfollowing Scott’s (Tom and Sheri’s son) tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, Scott and Danelle Schrader (Scott’s wife) decided to get involved with the family business by starting a service center in the Northwest Atlanta suburbs. After proving their ability to contribute greatly to operations and marketing, Danelle is now Field Operations Manager, and Scott is Chief Strategy Officer. Both have added much to CottageCare’s ability to expand and grow in a quality manner.

Sarah (Tom and Sheri’s daughter), a 2013 KSU grad, assists CottageCare® with the Rwanda Project while she does full-time ministry outside the family business. Sarah first visited Rwanda as a representative of CottageCare® to help with our efforts to give back.

The Schrader family loves this company and all the wonderful, hard-working extended family of franchisees, managers and crew members. Whether there will be a 3rd generation of Schraders involved with CottageCare remains to be seen, but they often accompany us to visit offices (as pictured in 2013 with their CottageCare original logo shirts on).

What word best describes the Schrader family? Grateful.

Grateful for all our service center partners, and grateful for customers who sustain all that CottageCare® is and all that it does with our home cleaning services.

Founder Tom Schrader talks about CottageCare!


Every year more and more families are happily surrendering their house cleaning services to CottageCare®. We have thousands of professional house cleaning customers in neighborhoods across North America.

Why are people choosing us instead of another house cleaning service? Contact us today to find out!

Our team cares, treating each home gently (as if it were our own) giving it the best possible cleaning.

So come along and join the rest! The benefits and good feelings are indescribable. Give yourself the gift of freedom from housework®.

CottageCare®, Eco-Friendly house cleaning company


We are Green to the Roots!

CottageCare® has the distinguished record of having been environmentally friendly since our roots in the mid-’70s, not just with the recent popular trend. Every product we use in our customers’ homes is non-toxic and non-abrasive to protect the environment, the customers’ property and the crew members providing our services. It’s always been that way, and always will.

Contact us today for the most eco-friendly cleaning service in the industry!

Clean Sweep Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our cleaning, call within 24 hours and we will work to make sure you are satisfied. If we can’t clean to your satisfaction, we will refund your money up to 100% (hourly and vacant cleanings excluded). This money back guarantee was pioneered in the industry by CottageCare® to back our claim and goal of always offering you the finest service in the business.

We believe you’re entitled to nothing less!

It's a Wise Investment

Having your home cleaned makes you more effective as a person, whether career, parent or spouse. It’s a wise investment to make yourself more effective and able to enjoy your home base instead of seeing it as one big To-Do list. Delegate the things you can, like housework, to be better at what you enjoy and what you must do yourself.

As once stated in a Wall Street Journal article: “There’s nothing moral about cleaning your own toilet!”

 We agree: Invest in your mental health! Enjoy freedom from housework®… it’s a fabulous feeling!