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Short answer, no. Not all microfiber cloths are the same. Microfiber consists of tiny fibers of nylon, polyester, or the combination of both. This blend of fibers helps trap the smallest of particles to get the job done. 

You’re probably wondering what’s the difference? Read on to learn more.

The Different Types of Microfiber Fabric 

  • Flat-weave microfiber: the most durable, however not the most absorbent compared to split-weave microfiber. 
  • Split-weave microfiber: these fibers are split while in use, resulting in many tiny loops on the surface of the fabric.
  • Ultrasuede: Typically a wider fabric, but still categorized as a microfiber.
  • Terry microfiber: most commonly used for producing towels.
  • Waffle-weave microfiber: best suited for glass cleaning as this leaves a softer and clean finish to the surface. 
  • Chenille microfiber: this thick fiber is used for cleaning applications. 
  • Suede microfiber: if you wear contact lenses, this one’s for you. This microfiber is soft and low pile, making it ideal for cleaning lenses. 

Why Microfiber?

Microfiber cloths work well for handling cleaning matters. They help remove organic matter such as oils, grease, dust, and germs that lie on the surface. Microfiber cloths are also environmental, allowing for reuse, as well as reducing pollutants from emitting in the air. They are also durable and more effective than cotton cloths, since cotton dries slower and holds bacteria. 

Microfiber is a very versatile fabric and can help clean the larger spaces of your home. This includes floors, windows, stovetops and counters. 

Pro Tip: When washing your microfiber cloths, make sure to wash them separately from all other laundry. Because of its positive charge, microfiber will stick to negatively charged particles like dirt, hair, and lint. 

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