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Colorado House Cleaning Service

When customers look for a professional home cleaning service in Colorado. We offer house cleaning services in Aurora/Parker, Colorado Springs, Denver/Cherry Creek, and Littleton/Highlands Ranch.

Many people come across a wide array of options and pick the very first option on Google. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you may not get the same top-quality service that CottageCare offers. CottageCare is more than just another maid service. Other maid services will visit your home once a week to tidy up and do a surface clean. A deep clean eliminates dirt and durst, while a surface clean traps it in your home.

You are the most important factor in CottageCare’s professional home cleaning service.

When the CottageCare team cleans your home, you are the most important person. We tailor our services to best fit your needs. The cleaning professional focuses on the services you ordered and other factors when cleaning your home. If you have pets, more attention will be spent on eliminating the pet hair from your home. When providing a deep clean, we focus on your needs and what factors will help us provide the best clean possible. The tactics of deep cleaning are not the only factor that helps eliminate dirt and dust. Equipment is a very important factor in how clean your home can get. CottageCare does not use mops or brooms to eliminate the dust and dirt because they push the dirt and dust around!

Free Colorado House Cleaning Quote & Service Guarantee

We are very passionate on how we deep clean your home. We are so passionate that you are getting the area’s best professional cleaning service that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your cleaning, call within 24 hours and we will work to make sure you are satisfied. If we can’t clean to your satisfaction, we will refund your money up to 100% (hourly and vacant cleanings excluded). Get your free quote today!