Pillows on a bed

If you have regularly used pillows, you are familiar with how you can get annoyed by how they get dirty and the confusion that comes with cleaning them. When your pillows get stained by sweat or oils from your body as you sleep, you either buy new ones or bleach them to retain their initial color.

You can bleach your pillows when they get yellow stains to remove these stains and kill germs. Yet, bleaching is not the best way of washing your pillows because the bleach weakens the pillow fibers, exposes your pillow to possible tearing and shredding, and might not actually bring back the original color of the pillow.

Bleaching yellow pillows might be something you’d consider, but you need to know how to go about it and whether it’s possible to whiten your pillows without using bleach.

Should You Bleach Pillows?

You should only bleach your pillows if they are white and have stains. You must know the type of pillows you have and whether they are washable before using bleach on them. Some pillow types respond well to bleach, while others don’t. Other pillows are not washable. Refer to the tag on the pillow for washing instructions.

If your pillow fibers are weak, they will likely break after bleaching. A pillow with weak fiber will tear and shred and thus may lose its comfort. 

Your pillow may become stripped after bleaching. In the case of feather pillows, the feathers may respond well when washed without bleach but get destroyed when washed with bleach.

What to Do Instead of Bleaching Pillows

If you need your pillows to serve you for a long time, look good and maintain their fibers, avoid bleaching them and instead use other methods to wash them.

Consider washing them with detergent and vinegar without including any bleach. You first start by soaking them in warm water to allow the detergent to dissolve those stains, making it easier for you when you start washing.

After washing your pillows, they take time to dry. If you don’t have alternative pillows, you may be stranded while waiting for them to dry.

You can opt for pillow covers or pillow protectors that you’ll be using to cover your pillow and wash separately.

Washing a pillow cover or protector is easier than washing the pillow itself. The protector and cover protect your pillow from dirt; thus, your pillow won’t get any stains.

Now that you know that it’s possible to whiten your pillow without bleaching them, you might have the following concerns.

Can You Wash Your Pillows in the Washer?

Yes, you can use your washer to wash your pillows. Start washing your pillow by soaking it in hot water and adding laundry detergent, baking soda, and vinegar to your washer.

If the front loading of your washer doesn’t allow soaking, soak the pillow outside the washer and then later place it inside to wash. The spin cycle will help you extract moisture from your pillow after washing. 

Be gentle on the spin cycle to avoid damaging your pillow. Alternatively, use a blow dryer to dry your pillow.

How to Whiten Pillows

You want your pillows to maintain their white color and remain spot clean. But, sometimes, your pillow may get messed with sweat, oils, and even dirt and become yellow pillows. It’s still possible to get back your white pillows.

Add laundry detergent, baking soda, and vinegar to your washing load to remove yellow stains from your pillow and make it white again. Do this regularly to keep them looking new.

How to Make Pillows Fluffy Again

Clean tennis balls can make your pillow fluffy again. You’ll take a sock, put a clean tennis ball inside, and place it inside your dryer. 

The tennis ball will then bounce around the dryer, pressing against your pillow. The pressing will help break up the pieces inside the pillow, thus increasing the fluffiness of your pillow.

It’s also possible to make your pillow fluffy by using your hands. Place the pillow on your lap and push its cushions in and out. 

Proceed to massage your pillow by concentrating on the parts that have become chunky. Break the chunks so that they can spread inside the pillow, making it regain its fluffiness.

There’s Better Ways to Clean Your Pillows Than Bleach

Bleaching isn’t the best way of washing your yellow pillows to remove yellow stains. The tips in this article will help you wash your pillows and make them fluffy again, improving comfort. Feel free to contact us at CottageCare and let us take care of your cleaning needs.