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Usually, the dirty dishes, piled-up laundry, and full trash bins often pull our focus first when cleaning the house. However, there are plenty of other random tasks that are often neglected. These random things include cleaning a ceiling fan, dusting your blinds, or cleaning your baseboards. 

Baseboards serve as a joining agent between the wall and the floor. They are often wooden or vinyl and collect dust, dirt, and other grime because they are so close to the floor. 

They get neglected during most cleaning sessions because they are often white or another light color, and since they are adjacent to the floor they get overlooked. 

Learn how to clean baseboards by seeing how CottageCare tackles this job during home visits.

Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Baseboards

Cleaning wood baseboards is easy – this is what most people have in their homes. Follow these steps for a quick and easy way to make your baseboards look new: 

  • Step 1: Use the brush vacuum attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the baseboards with this attachment to remove all dust and dirt from the area. You can also use a small broom to complete this step. 
  • Step 2: Use a gentle mixture of water, dish soap, and vinegar to make a gentle and effective cleaning solution. Use a clean cloth and soapy water to wipe down your baseboards. Scrub off any stuck-on food or dirt. Use a clean, dry towel to dry the area when there are no more tough messes left. 
  • Step 3: Clean the details. Use a toothbrush or cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution to get into the cracks of the baseboards. Scrub until they are clean. 
  • Step 4: Rub with a dryer sheet. It might sound crazy but rubbing your newly cleaned baseboards with a dryer sheet is a helpful step in eliminating future dirt, dust, and debris from collecting on your baseboards. 

How to Clean Different Types of Baseboards 

The two most common types of baseboards are stained wood and painted wood. With painted baseboards, the outlined method above should work every time to get your baseboards looking fresh. 

However, with stained wood, you will need to use a mix of dish soap and vegetable oil. This combination allows you to clean the wood gently. It also gives the wood a fresh polish and shines due to the vegetable oil. 

What to Use to Clean Baseboards

There are a few other methods you can use to deep clean your baseboards besides the ones outlined above. Others include using more commercial products like a Magic Eraser. Here are five easy ways to clean your baseboards:

  • Magic Eraser: These are heavy-duty cleaning squares that get the job done. They can be slightly abrasive on more delicate surfaces, so use caution there. 
  • Dryer sheet: Sometimes your baseboards are not dirty, they are just coated in dust. If this is the case, use a dryer sheet to wipe off the dust and protect the surface against dust collection in the future. 
  • Sock and a yard stick: Use a microfiber or cotton sock attached to the end of a yardstick as a makeshift broom to collect the dust and dirt off your baseboards.
  • Baseboard buddy tool: This tool is available online and has a 360-degree swiveling head that allows you to reach every crack and crevice while cleaning your baseboards. You can use it wet or dry. 
  • WD-40 lubricant: Though it is non-traditional, WD-40 is perfect for removing scuff marks from vinyl baseboards. Spray it on, then gently rub it with a microfiber cloth until the scuff mark is gone.

Why Do Baseboards Get So Dirty? 

Baseboards get so dirty mainly because they are so close to the floor.

In the kitchen, food splatters and residue often make their way to the baseboards. In bedrooms and other sitting rooms, dust collects on them. In entryways, back doors, and mud rooms, the dirt and grime tracked inside by your family settles on the baseboards. 

Paying close attention to the baseboards and cleaning them thoroughly makes it easier for everyone and makes for a cleaner space.

What Next?

Now you know how to clean baseboards easily. Baseboards are often overlooked, but you can not forget to clean them. Doing so will lead to a big mess and a hassle to clean later on once you finally realize they are dirty. 

If you are someone who has trouble remembering random things, perhaps hire a cleaning service to help. The professionals at Cottage Care are the perfect choice for all things cleaning, especially those pesky baseboards!