Holiday Hacks: Portland Maid Services | CottageCare

This Christmas, clean up the holiday chaos correctly with Portland maid services!

Cleaning up after the holiday can be a challenging and difficult process. Don’t put off putting the Christmas tree away until the snow starts melting for the season, learn the hacks from the Portland maid services professionals at CottageCare. Holidays hacks are perfect tricks to make holiday clean up fast and painless. Maybe you will manage to pack everything away before the new year starts!

The best holiday hack: Portland maid services

Portland maid services can easily help you pack away the tree! If you are too busy with work and New Years parties, it may be time to call in additional help. One of the last things you want is people coming over to ring in the new year and your Christmas light shinning brighter than the ball dropping. When you call in the home cleaning professionals at CottageCare, you are calling in the best home cleaning in the area.

Home cleaning by CottageCare is guaranteed to make your home sparkle more than the day you purchased it. Our team of cleaning professionals deep clean your home to ensure that your home stays nicer for longer! Deep home cleaning is done by using eco-friendly cleaning agents. Most standard cleaning agents you find on the store shelves are packed full of untested chemicals and will leave your home smelling like the inside of the bottle. When guests walk into your home, they should only smell natural scents like apple or cinnamon.

Give CottageCare a call today for Portland maid services to make your Christmas teardown faster than ever before! This season, keep the glitter with the decorations. For your free quote, fill out the form located on the right, or follow this link and select the services you need. A member of CottageCare will follow up after you introduce yourself!