Portland Maid Services for the Holidays | CottageCare

Trust that after your company’s Portland maid services for the holidays, your office will be back to smelling like cinnamon and cloves!

Give CottageCare a call to schedule your Portland maid services for the holidays! This holiday season, bring the clean-up party to the holiday festivities so everybody can enjoy the night without worrying about cleaning up the mess. When you leave the clean-up to the professionals, you leave the fun with us! We are passionate about providing an outstanding deep clean for our customers.

Hiring Portland maid services for the holidays can make the difference of a party you enjoy, and a party you don’t enjoy.

During your holiday party, do you want to be sitting there thinking about the Chex mix crumbling into the carpet or dancing on the dancefloor? The answer is easy. Leave the worry to us and enjoy busting out your 80’s moves to new pop music. When you walk into the office the Monday after the office holiday party, you won’t get overwhelmed with the smell of chlorine bleach because we use eco-friendly cleaning agents. Eco-friendly cleaning agents are great for every cleaning occasion!

Many people believe that eco-friendly cleaning agents do not do as good as a job as the harsh chemicals that dominate the store shelves. We are here to tell you that is a myth! Eco-friendly cleaning agents are better than harsh chemicals! They are better becauase they don’t cause irritating headaches from overexposure and they do not bleach fabrics. In addition to keeping your fabrics their natural color, eco-friendly cleaning agents also let you breathe in healthier air.

To schedule your Portland maid services for the holidays, follow this link and a member of the CottageCare team will follow up with you and provide you a free quote for the services requested. We stand behind our service! Experience the CottageCare difference today!