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CottageCare provides the area’s best Virginia Beach home cleaning! Contact us today for a free quote.

After the long work week, you happily open your front door and immediately find a messy home. That is no way to start off your weekend! Kick off your weekend properly by scheduling a Virginia Beach home cleaning from CottageCare. Know that your money is spent wisely by selecting a Virginia Beach home cleaning with an experienced and knowledgeable company! Cleaning isn’t for everyone.

CottageCare provides a different kind of Virginia Beach home cleaning. CottageCare is dedicated to our customers, and the level of clean they desire. You desire floors you could eat off of, if worse comes to worse. You desire invisible windows and dust free furniture. Knowing what our customers desire in a Virginia Beach home cleaning isn’t rocket science! To help achieve your desired clean, we focus on deep cleaning your entire home. Do you have multiple pets and messy children? There is no amount of mess in this world that the experienced team at CottageCare could not tackle!

What types of cleaning materials are used for a Virginia Beach home cleaning?

All cleaning materials used by CottageCare are eco-friendly and non-toxic. CottageCare is proud to offer a safe and Earth-friendly solution to the harsh chemicals found in the popular name brand cleaning agents. Learn what a true clean smells like instead of a bleached cover-up. The harsh smell of bleach should never be found in your home! CottageCare wants you to know and understand the importance of a deep, eco-friendly clean. Start living an orderless life today by getting your free quote! Learn what a true clean smells like, not a fabricated one.