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Christina Bond Manager
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Location488 Graham Rd Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

Location488 Graham Rd Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

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Other cleaning companies perform a walkthrough before giving you an estimate, simply to mark up the cost if your home is nice or if it’s messy. We believe in treating all of our customers equally. We provide estimates solely based on the size of your home and the frequency of your cleanings.


No Contracts

We realize our customers don’t want to get locked into lengthy contracts. Sometimes when you’re stuck in a cleaning contract, the quality of your cleanings can deteriorate over time. We prove our confidence & value of each and every cleaning, by letting our customers choose when to start and stop service. We’re proud to say we work with our customers, on average, for over 5 years.


No Reschedule Fees

Your life is busy. Your schedule changes. The next thing you know, people are visiting when you least expect it. We get it! We understand that our customers’ lives are hectic and your cleaning company shouldn’t add to that stress. Need to reschedule? Not a problem. You’ll never be charged a fee to move or reschedule an appointment with CottageCare.

Residential Cleaning

Starting as Low as $113

Residential Cleaning

Starting as Low as $113

Maid Services? No Way!

It is believed that the word “maid” came into use as a shorthand for “maiden” in Middle English around the 12th century, a term commonly used to describe young, unmarried women as well as virgins. Until the 1300s, it was used to describe domestic help in its more modern form.

It is our policy to hire only professional house cleaners, including men! In order to clean homes efficiently and effectively, CottageCare uses sophisticated systems, and our crews deserve titles based on their skills. Since maids have been often used in demeaning contexts, the word still carries those negative associations. Due to those reasons, we believe it’s best not to identify with the word.

Experience the CottageCare Difference

Dependable Cleaning Services | CottageCare

A Dependable Clean from CottageCare

We perform detailed background checks on every crew member before we hire them, and CottageCare is bonded and insured so you can rest easy. Instead of worrying about who will be cleaning your home, you can focus on the benefits of deep cleaning – including our detailed 165 point cleaning checklist. Each cleaning, we provide a quality clean by a dependable crew to ensure that your entire family enjoys the benefit of a deeply cleaned home!

North American Locations

Managing an individual ‘cleaning lady’ can be time-intensive and unpredictable. Gain the benefits of working with a nationally recognized cleaning service to ensure your cleaning will be consistent and the quality of the work never diminishes. Our call center will ensure scheduling is a breeze. With over 30 years in the business and 40+ locations in the United States and Canada, CottageCare consistently receives the highest quality reviews from our customers across the country.

Ecofriendly Products | CottageCare

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

CottageCare® has the distinguished record of using environmentally friendly cleaning products since our beginning in the mid-’70s. We were eco-friendly before the recent popular trend of all natural products. Every product we use is non-toxic and non-abrasive which protects the environment, our customers’ homes, and the crew members providing our services. It’s always been that way, and always will.

Read Our Reviews

I have been using Cottage Care for the last few months after having used another company for 3 1/2 years. I couldn’t be happier with my service and the way my house looks when I come home from work on those Fridays. I have a lot of antiques and collectibles and everything is put back in its place. Christina and her crew are terrific and I highly recommend their services.

Jude H.

Very professional, friendly and accommodating. Never a problem and always satisfied! More than willing to ask for and receive feedback.

Sandy K.

I am very pleased with Cottage Care. Service is wonderful and they do an excellent job of keeping customers informed and easily accommodate our needs.

April D.

I use them every 3 weeks and am very happy with the service. I used to have the same cleaner but she got promoted. Now I have different cleaners, but they’re always professional and polite.

David C.

I’ve used Cottage Care since 1995. I had a small issue once and they took care of the problem immediately. They always call the day before and do a thorough job. I would recommend them without hesitating.

Michael B.

I’ve been using CottageCare Akron for a few years and they do a very good job. They come in when they say they are going to, do their work professionally, and are a very nice group of people. Their prices are reasonable and I highly recommend them!

Doris J.

I’ve used CottageCare for years and have always been very happy. They always come when they are supposed to and always call the day before and do a good job and I’m always at work when they come.

Michael B.

I have been using CottageCare for four or five years now, and overall it has been a good experience. They normally are here every other week, and when they come they take care of my entire house. They do an excellent job in my bathrooms and in the kitchen, which I hate to clean, so I’m glad they are able to take care of it for me. I would gladly continue to use their service.

Pam A.

For the last couple of months, a crew from CottageCare Akron comes every other week to clean my home. They clean the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. They do a good job on everything and the staff is very pleasant.

Mary Jane B.

I am very pleased with CottageCare Akron ‘s work. I have been using them for a few months. I continue to use them because I trust her and she does a good job. They are great and I recommend them.

Susan C.

I found out about Cottage Care Akron, they clean my one bedroom condominium and do classic house cleaning – vacuuming, moping, dusting, the works. I’ve been using them for a month and they do a very good job, the gal who comes is going to be my regular cleaning person and I’m very satisfied with the work she does. The rates are a little high, but they do quality work. I’m very happy with them and they’ve been reliable so far.

Lanny T.

The management is awesome. Our company has been using them for over three years. They’re great!

Nicole D.

I use them every 3 weeks and am very happy with the service. I used to have the same cleaner but she got promoted. Now I have different cleaners, but they’re always professional and polite.

David C.

I’ve been using CottageCare for 20 years at least. I had a small break there for a little while but I’ve had them for a really long time and I keep on coming back to them because they just do what they are supposed to do you know, quickly and greatly and efficiently and everything is nice and clean afterwards. If that’s not enough, I don’t know what else I could say. I understand why they raised their prices but I also know how some other places charge much more then them so I’m fine with their cost. They are always very friendly and very professional and very helpful. I’ve always had a great experience with them.

Judy B.

CottageCare Akron show up on time, they do a good job and they follow up if you ever have a problem. All you have to do is tell them and they take care of it. We’ve been using them to clean our house for a couple of years and they have always been great.

David C.

CottageCare is more than excellent. I use them through my mom’s account. My mom has been using them for five or six years. They are really accommodating to our needs. The service provided by the lady has been consistently above and beyond. I’m really happy with them.

Jennifer A.

I’ve been using CottageCare for a long time. They generally do a very good job. The cleaners are polite and professional. I like that I can depend on them and that they clean my house for me.

Luella D.

I’ve been using CottageCare for about a year and a half to two years now. I like that they always call ahead of time to let me know when they are coming. They show up when they say they are going to show up and they do a very nice job. They’re always very polite and friendly. I have the same cleaner come every time who is very good. Overall, I would say that I have had a very satisfactory experience and it’s been very good.

Bonnie W.

I had a very positive experience with CottageCare. I’ve just had them the one time, but I’ve already scheduled them to come back because they did such a great job. I’m very satisfied with their service.

Lois M.

Excellent worker and great office support. On time, friendly and have scheduled regular cleaning.

Kay B.

For the last couple of months, a crew from CottageCare Akron comes every other week to clean my home. They clean the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. They do a good job on everything and the staff is very pleasant.

Mary Jane B.

We have CottageCare to clean both our home and our place of business. Their prices are great, they are very reliable, and the work is very good. Their customer service is wonderful! They are excellent at working with their customers. Sometimes, when I need to have the vase water changed at the house, I’ll let them know and they absolutely make accommodations. They will notice things at the house, and also at the office; they will notice a problem or something that needs to be taken care of and deal with it on their own. There will often be two cleaners who come out taking care of certain things.

Glenda B.

I’ve been using CottageCare Akron for about 6 months. They’re very conscientious and good about scheduling and rescheduling. They do what I expect, on occasion a little more than I expect. I’ve already recommended them to others. I like these people quite a bit. They seem to be very professional but still friendly.

Sara C.

This is our first time using CottageCare Akron and Christa is excellent, especially how she handles everything! I searched around for other companies to compare and after talking with Christa I was determined to go with CottageCare Akron because of her; she’s professional and passionate about people and your time. CottageCare Akron comes out to clean my kitchen and my bathroom; I love how they use eco friendly products that have no smell to them. They have fair pricing and I am very happy with the results.

Gary C.

The ease and level of service I’ve had from CottageCare Akron makes me a returning customer. I’ve been using them for about 5 years

Joanie D.

Excellent service, prompt and friendly. Strong work ethic. Would strongly recommend

Cheryl J.

Thank you, Cottage Care, for your attention to detail in your cleaning skills. The employees have been very friendly and communicate what they will be doing. They do a great job! A special thank you to Colleen today for cleaning and to Christy for your management skills!

Jennifer S.

This is my second year with Cottage Care. Christy is so on top of everything and so easy to work with. The staff is so friendly and cheerful. I am very pleased with the quality of care. Thank you allðŸ‘

Kathy B.

Christy and her team (Colleen) are extremely thorough, and honest – love the incredible service and highly recommend Cottage Care Akron!

Tommy B.

I have used Cottage Care for nine years. They do a great job. I have them come once a month because we are neat and orderly and don’t like a messy house so deep cleaning is not always necessary. They are very flexible with special requests for holidays or house guests. Their workers are friendly, efficient and prompt.

Beth S.

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Meet Your Manager

Christina Bond

What is your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant?

I don’t eat out much but if I had to choose it would be Olive Garden and their Zuppa Toscana soup.

We have wonderful Metro Parks and I love walking the trails.

The most rewarding part of this job for me would be the difference we make in ours customers lives. It is amazing the difference a clean home can make.

The beautiful landscapes and the entertainment.

Our Akron Cleaning Services Cover it All!

CottageCare cleaning services in Akron, Ohio: Local, professional, and dependable

Looking for the highest-quality, most thorough house cleaning service in Akron, Ohio? Look no further than CottageCare: House Cleaning at its Best!®

We know you value consistent, quality service, communication, scheduling flexibility, and of course, the highest level of cleanliness. While we’re busy making your home sparkling clean, take time to explore all the city has to offer. Nature and relaxation are never far away in Akron, which is why we’re proud to call it one of our home cities.

House cleaning founded on professional service and trust

Friendly, professional service is a cornerstone of CottageCare. We understand you have many obligations, so we strive to make your experience with CottageCare as efficient and convenient as possible. Through our 30 years in business, we have burnished our reputation as stand-up house cleaners in Akron. Leaving your home in the care of strangers requires trust and confidence, and you can trust the professionals at CottageCare to treat your home and property with the utmost respect.

Dependable and flexible

If you’ve ever hired anyone to do anything at your home, then you know that communication, reliability, and professionalism are often a problem. Not with CottageCare. When you initially speak with our customer engagement team, they will give you a detailed explanation of what and how we clean, schedule your cleaning date and arrange a prompt follow up call from the service center manager to confirm everything with you! We perform detailed background checks on every crew member, and CottageCare is bonded and insured so you can rest easy and enjoy your clean home! You’ll never have to wonder if we’re reliable enough to arrive when scheduled. If things change on your end, no problem—you’ll never be charged a fee to move or reschedule an appointment with CottageCare. That kind of flexibility is perfect for families when it seems like something is always derailing your plans. We totally get it.

A deep clean like you’ve never seen

Of course, what you really want is a clean home. Not just clean, but more thorough than you could do yourself, in less time, using eco-friendly and pet-friendly products. Our full house cleaning includes as many as 165 individual tasks, including a bunch of stuff you probably can’t get to on a regular basis. Here are just a few of those checklist tasks:

  • Pictures and ledges cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Closet is vacuumed
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Shower and tub are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Bathroom, kitchen and foyer floors are hand-washed
  • All furniture is dusted
  • Upholstered furniture such as couches and chairs vacuumed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • And so many more

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to do a great job and deliver the house cleaning you pay to see. Trust us—you’re going to love coming home to a clean house! Simplify life. Delegate housecleaning.®

Our services cover the whole house, including kitchens, bathrooms, furnituredustingcarpet vacuuming, and hard floor cleaning. We even offer special services like move-out, move-in, fridge, and oven cleaning, all without contracts or reschedule fees.

Learn more about CottageCare’s house cleaning services in Akron, Ohio, or contact CottageCare of Akron today for a free quote online or at 330-926-1896. You, too, can enjoy Freedom From Housework®!

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