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Location3907 General Electric Road Suite 3 Bloomington, IL 61704

Location3907 General Electric Road Suite 3 Bloomington, IL 61704

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Instant Quotes

Other cleaning companies perform a walkthrough before giving you an estimate, simply to mark up the cost if your home is nice or if it’s messy. We believe in treating all of our customers equally. We provide estimates solely based on the size of your home and the frequency of your cleanings.


No Contracts

We realize our customers don’t want to get locked into lengthy contracts. Sometimes when you’re stuck in a cleaning contract, the quality of your cleanings can deteriorate over time. We prove our confidence & value of each and every cleaning, by letting our customers choose when to start and stop service. We’re proud to say we work with our customers, on average, for over 5 years.


No Reschedule Fees

Your life is busy. Your schedule changes. The next thing you know, people are visiting when you least expect it. We get it! We understand that our customers’ lives are hectic and your cleaning company shouldn’t add to that stress. Need to reschedule? Not a problem. You’ll never be charged a fee to move or reschedule an appointment with CottageCare.

Residential Cleaning

Starting as Low as $113

Residential Cleaning

Starting as Low as $113

Maid Services? No Way!

It is believed that the word “maid” came into use as a shorthand for “maiden” in Middle English around the 12th century, a term commonly used to describe young, unmarried women as well as virgins. Until the 1300s, it was used to describe domestic help in its more modern form.

It is our policy to hire only professional house cleaners, including men! In order to clean homes efficiently and effectively, CottageCare uses sophisticated systems, and our crews deserve titles based on their skills. Since maids have been often used in demeaning contexts, the word still carries those negative associations. Due to those reasons, we believe it’s best not to identify with the word.

Experience the CottageCare Difference

Dependable Cleaning Services | CottageCare

A Dependable Clean from CottageCare

We perform detailed background checks on every crew member before we hire them, and CottageCare is bonded and insured so you can rest easy. Instead of worrying about who will be cleaning your home, you can focus on the benefits of deep cleaning – including our detailed 165 point cleaning checklist. Each cleaning, we provide a quality clean by a dependable crew to ensure that your entire family enjoys the benefit of a deeply cleaned home!

North American Locations

Managing an individual ‘cleaning lady’ can be time-intensive and unpredictable. Gain the benefits of working with a nationally recognized cleaning service to ensure your cleaning will be consistent and the quality of the work never diminishes. Our call center will ensure scheduling is a breeze. With over 30 years in the business and 40+ locations in the United States and Canada, CottageCare consistently receives the highest quality reviews from our customers across the country.

Ecofriendly Products | CottageCare

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

CottageCare® has the distinguished record of using environmentally friendly cleaning products since our beginning in the mid-’70s. We were eco-friendly before the recent popular trend of all natural products. Every product we use is non-toxic and non-abrasive which protects the environment, our customers’ homes, and the crew members providing our services. It’s always been that way, and always will.

Read Our Reviews

My Husband surprised me with a Special Cleaning of all our Bathrooms and our Kitchen for my Birthday. It was the Best present ever. Our gal did such a great job! She made sure to get all of the nooks and crannies. I have a back injury and just can’t get those hard to reach places. The gal Cottage Care sent out took the time to “DEEP CLEAN” the floors and bathrooms. I am so impressed I will definitely refer my friends to Cottage Care.

Michelle M.

I was on the fence for years about having my home professionally cleaned. Now I regret waiting so long! My house is sparkling clean and the cost was lower than expected.

Vicki W.

CottageCare Bloomington is easily the best cleaning service that I’ve ever had. I’ve been using them for about five years now, and my house always looks fabulous when they’re done. They really seem to know what they’re doing when they come in to clean my house. They’re very professional. I like their cleaning products, and they always listen to my feedback. They always arrive on time, and are friendly and polite. They’re absolutely excellent, and I would highly recommend their work.

Lane O.

Because of an illness, my house had really been neglected for a couple of years. Those ladies came in and whipped it into shape. Their attention to detail was impressive and exceeded my expectations. A manager even came and gave it a once over to make sure nothing was missed. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Truly amazing! Thank you!

Rachel G.

This was the first time we worked with CottageCare Bloomington. We were quite pleased with the service. Their staff was very professional and we will continue to use their services going forward.

Tim H.

I was very pleased with the service i received.Very pleasant ladies.

Kimberly S.

I was very happy and pleased with the work your people did when cleaning my house. They were quick and thorough.

Marilyn N.

I always go with them – awesome service all the way around.

Theresa T.

They did a great job. Very clean and quick.

Susi B.

I’ve been using CottageCare for a year now. They came in and looked at my house, went over it, and then talked about what would be done. There’s a good level of care involved in just part of the house, and they take care of everything. I’m a single man, so I don’t use the whole house all the time, and so they come in once a month. They freshen up the place and it works out well. I will continue to use their service.

Michael S.

I had a big party and they came to clean before hand. It saved me a lot of time and they did a really great job with my animal-over run house (2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 people)! I will use them again next time.

Ellen F.

I’ve been very pleased with my Cottage Care experience! I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Kristi S.

The team at Cottage Care in Bloomington did a fantastic job on my home!! I am extremely pleased and will definitely be calling them again!!

Shelly B.

This was the first time we worked with CottageCare Bloomington. We were quite pleased with the service. Their staff was very professional and we will continue to use their services going forward.

Tim H.

A crew from CottageCare Bloomington has cleaned my home every other week since 2010. I have hired many cleaning services in the past but this one is by far the best. The quality of the cleaning is superb and they have great customer service. I appreciate that Judy or another representative calls to remind me of my appointment. The cleaning crews show up on time and leave the house sparkling, which is no small feat since I have two new kittens who make quite a mess. CottageCare Bloomington is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and anyone would be very satisfied with their work.

Lane O.

I enjoy the current staff that helps me at CottageCare Bloomington. They come out once a month for a couple of hours. They do a good job cleaning my bathtub and around my home. They are very friendly, and I enjoy visiting with them when they aren’t working hard.

Elaine W.

Fast & good quality. I was extremely happy with price as well. Overall, I would definitely recommend.

Cassandra D.

We were very pleased with the service. Very thorough cleaning.

Juanita D.

Because of an illness, my house had really been neglected for a couple of years. Those ladies came in and whipped it into shape. Their attention to detail was impressive and exceeded my expectations. A manager even came and gave it a once over to make sure nothing was missed. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Truly amazing! Thank you!

Rachael G.

The people from CottageCare who come and clean the house are all very nice and do what I’ve directed them to do. They do little attentive things in the master bedroom, which I like because they make it look really pleasant. It’s not just doing the beds and cleaning the floors. They fold everything nicely and do it the way I would do it–and I do it well. If they can match me, I’m happy. If anybody wanted a recommendation, I’d be happy to give it. I appreciate the quality of their work and I’m completely satisfied.

Kathleen B.

“We’ve been using CottageCare for quite a few years, now. Our previous cleaning service we had used was unreliable and they didn’t come on the days that they were supposed to come on. CottageCare is very reliable and I like that. I’ve had a pretty positive experience with them. The cleaners are always polite and professional, they show up on time and they do good work. “

Kathy W.

I am extremely pleased with the service I received. We were putting our house on the market and I needed a top to bottom clean of a large house. The 3 wonderful women arrived on time and cleaned to perfection! My realtor came the next day and raves about how clean and perfect the house looked! Will definitely use their service again!!

Missy R.

Everyone I dealt with was great. Pleasent and professional. Looking forward to having them come again.

Judy S.

I just love the people from CottageCare Bloomington and all of the wonderful work that they do. The people that come out to my home are always on time and they are very pleasant. They always get everything done in a timely fashion and I have not once had an issue with their work. I cannot recommend them highly enough because they are just that great!

Melba M.

CottageCare Bloomington are very, VERY conscientious of my house because I am crippled and they are very careful about my cleaning and about keeping the cleaning equipment out of the way just in case that I have to get somewhere around here. They are very considered of my needs. I think they are excellent and I’m very pleased with them. I have no real valid complains.

Sharon B.

We have used CottageCare Bloomington’s service for about two years. They come out every three weeks to clean our home. Most of the time it is the same cleaning technician, but periodically they send different individuals. They take care of any areas I’ve made a reference to.

Dennis K.

They do the work. It looks good and feels good to be clean. I hope it can continue.

Cindy L.

We LOVE CottageCare! We’ve had several different cleaning services over the years, and CottageCare is by far the BEST of the best- they are truly cleaning PROFESSIONALS! We don’t trust anyone else to provide the level of service that CottageCare does. As a very “Type A” person, I am absolutely meticulous when I clean my home, but with small children and a business to run, I don’t have time to do it myself anymore. I’ve been disappointed so many times with other services, but NEVER CottageCare… They actually do an even BETTER job than I could do myself (and that’s saying a lot 😉 ) I’d give them 10 stars if I could! Thank you CottageCare, for going above and beyond, and for providing our family with fantastic cleaning professionals like Candy & Destiney! We are so grateful!

Aly B.

Row is a very friendly person. She does an excellent job. She has a very bubble personality. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a cleaning person.

Jaime L.

Chris is the best! My house is immaculate after she cleans it…she is so thorough! I highly recommend Cottage Care and love Chris especially! She is so pleasant and very dependable!

Bonita R.

We love Candy! She is great with my kids during summer cleans and is always pleasant and really cleans well!

Legacy S.

Cottage Care recently came to my home for the first time. Candy cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Everything sparkled! I am impressed with the policies, training, and follow up of Cottage Care. I hope Candy returns!UPDATE: Cottage care has been coming to my home for several months now, and their excellent work continues. Candy always does a great job. Thank you!

Susan W.

Chris visited my home today. Talking about service, she was waiting at the front door and she cleaned the cobwebs. In addition, I was not home but she had my son reach out to me to ensure she understood what I wanted done for this cleaning. Chris is very personable and attentive.

Barbara D.

Candy does a outstanding job. Also a very friendly person. If I had a business, She is type of person I would want working for me.

Marguerite F.

Destinee was fantastick. My place hadn’t been cleaned in months due to health issues. Cottage Care assured me they could get the job done. And Destined got the job done as was promised. I highly recommend Cottage Care.

Laurice S.

Dana and Dorothy did an outstanding job. Would recommend.


I’m very happy with the cleaning Cottage care provided. We use them periodically and the place looks great when they are done.

Jeff T.

I recently had Cottage Care (Dorothy) clean my mother’s home after a long hospital stay. She did a fabulous job and I’m very happy for my mother to come home to a spotless house!

Sophia T.

Candy and Chris did a wonderful job cleaning our home. I’ve never had house cleaners before, but they were great. I was comfortable with them, and they did such a good job. And I love how they use eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning supplies. That definitely put them at the top of the list when I was researching which company to call. I look forward to continuing with Cottage Care on a regular basis!

Mandy C.

Cottage Care has really come through for me. I talked to the person who handles the scheduling, told her exactly what I wanted/needed. She sent people out and they did a fabulous job. Couldn’t be happier.

Darla L.

My first house cleaning experience with Cottage Care was amazing!! The ladies who cleaned were professional, polite, and very thorough. I felt like I had cleaned my house myself. Our plan is to have Cottage Care clean every other week. I did a lot of research on cleaning services and am very happy that I chose Cottage Care.

Deborah S.

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Bloomington, IL | CottageCare
Meet Your Manager

Heidi Morris

What is your favorite thing to do in Bloomington/Normal?

Being new to the Bloomington/Normal area, I love to discover new places the twin city area has to offer.

Hearing from the customers how much our cleaners and our services positively impact their lives.

Destihl’s Chorizo Stuffed Dates!

The ability to replicate myself to get more done.

Our Bloomington Cleaning Services Cover it All!

Searching for the best house cleaning services Bloomington, IL has to offer? Look no further than CottageCare!

Looking for house cleaning services in Bloomington? You can discover Freedom From Housework® by turning to your local CottageCare team in Bloomington today!

If you are a homeowner in Bloomington, Normal, or anywhere nearby, contact the friendly housekeeping professionals at CottageCare. No matter the size or style of your home, CottageCare can prepare a customized house cleaning package that is right for your home and your budget.

CottageCare offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly house cleaning services in Bloomington to meet the needs of your home, your family, your schedule, and your budget. Also, CottageCare has the distinguished record of having been environmentally friendly since our roots in the mid-70’s. Every product we use in the homes we serve is non-toxic and non-abrasive to protect the environment, our customers’ property, and the crew members providing our services. It’s always been that way. It always will be.

CottageCare offers a wide range of house cleaning services in Bloomington to meet the needs of your home, your family, your schedule, and your budget. Choose from the following services to create a customized housekeeping package that is right for you:

  • Kitchen Cleaning: cupboards, sink, pantry, microwave, counters, baseboards
  • Bathroom Cleaning: shower, tub, sink, toilet, cabinet exteriors, baseboards
  • Surface Dusting: light fixtures, tops & sides of furniture, ledges, picture frames
  • Furniture Cleaning: vacuum upholstery, dust hard surfaces, tidy up pillows & blankets
  • Carpet Vacuuming: edging and vacuuming into all closets, hallways, stairs
  • Hard Floor Cleaning: We hand wash the bathroom, kitchen and foyer floors, and offer damp mopping for other hard surface floors upon request

With CottageCare, you can enjoy a freshly cleaned home all year long. From weekly housekeeping to bi-monthly services to special occasion and event cleaning, CottageCare’s friendly professionals can create a custom cleaning schedule that revolves around your schedule. Contact CottageCare today for a free quote and enjoy Freedom From Housework®…it’s a wonderful feeling!

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