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CottageCare Columbia South Carolina since 2003, has consistently provided the highest level of house cleaning that is expected of CottageCare operations and far exceeds the professional cleaning industry standards. The manager Jennifer knows the business from all of the relevant perspectives having started as a cleaning crew member over 10 years ago.

The house cleaning industry needs a leader in providing eco-friendly, high quality cleanings that are focused on the customer first and always, CottageCare stands in that position. Always paving the path for others and setting the highest standards, we are seriously passionate about giving our customers freedom from house work and letting them focus on the things that matter most to them.

Strike ‘clean the house’ from your to-do list and let us take over, house cleaning is our job!

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House Cleaning Services – CottageCare Columbia, SC

  • 7719 St. Andrew Rd Unit D P.O. Box 1593 Irmo, SC 29063
  • Current Customers: 803-407-8701
  • Pricing Information: 803-799-0150

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I love the service I receive on my bi-weekly cleanings. It is so nice to come home to a clean house. On occassion, when asked to provide an additonal job for the week, it is always taken care of. Thank You for everything!!!