CottageCare House Cleaning in Kansas City, MO

CottageCare Kansas City has been cleaning the homes in and around KC for over 23 years with expert attention to quality and customer service.

“We have been there when families welcomed home a new baby, bought their first home and even when they have suffered a loss. We have built long lasting relationships with our customers and take pride in taking great care of their homes.” – CottageCare KC

All of KC metro CottageCare offices offer carpet cleaning in addition to house cleaning. Carpet cleaning with CottageCare means our same standard of top-level cleanliness as well as being eco-friendly.

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CottageCare house cleaning service benefits:

  • Delegate; Save time and spend it elsewhere
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Solve common household arguments about housework
  • Know your house is actually clean
  • Always bonded, insured and English speaking
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Individually tailored to your needs
  • Now offering Carpet Cleaning

The house cleaning industry needs a leader in providing eco-friendly, high quality cleanings that are focused on the customer first and always, CottageCare stands in that position. Always paving the path for others and setting the highest standards, we are seriously passionate about giving our customers freedom from house work and letting them focus on the things that matter most to them.

Strike ‘clean the house’ and ‘clean the carpets’ from your to-do list, let us take over, it’s what we do!

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Since we have had a previous cleaning service before CottageCare, we can honestly say there is NO comparison. Thank you CottageCare for making my life easier.
Helen B.
I Love CottageCare! Feel free to use me as a reference.
Sandra B.
We love CottageCare! Thanks to you guys, I can no longer clean our home and I count on you!
Beth C.
Outstanding job by the staff. Lots of compliments by the family.
Barry H.
I love the service I get from CottageCare. I enjoy a consistently clean house month after month that leaves me free to do other fun things. Thanks CottageCare!
Debbie A.
The house looks amazing! Your team did a wonderful job and I look forward to their next visit.
Jenna K.
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Full House Cleaning

The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.
We go where you don’t want to.
Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.
Living Areas
We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.
6520 Raytown Rd. Suite D
Raytown, MO 64133
Current Customers: 816-356-1600
Pricing Info: 816-356-5550