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Residential Cleaning as low as $9900

This price reflects the national average price of a 3-bedroom house and may vary depending on rooms to be cleaned, frequency of service, and local taxes.

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Other cleaning companies perform a walkthrough before giving you an estimate, simply to mark up the cost if your home is nice or if it's messy.  We believe in treating all of our customers equally.  We provide estimates solely based on the size of your home and the frequency of your cleanings.  

No Contracts

We realize our customers don't want to get locked into lengthy contracts.  Sometimes when you're stuck in a cleaning contract, the quality of your cleanings can deteriorate over time.  We prove our confidence & value of each and every cleaning, by letting our customers choose when to start and stop service.  We're proud to say we work with our customers, on average, for over 5 years.  

No Reschedule Fees

Your life is busy.  Your schedule changes.  The next thing you know, people are visiting when you least expect it.  We get it!  We understand that our customers' lives are hectic and your cleaning company shouldn't add to that stress.  Need to reschedule?  Not a problem.  You'll never be charged a fee to move or reschedule an appointment with CottageCare.

Searching for the best house cleaning services in Oklahoma City? Look no further than CottageCare!

Have you been searching for a housekeeping company in Oklahoma City? Perhaps you have recently hired a typical maid service in Oklahoma City and are unhappy with the mediocre results. For quality housekeeping services in Oklahoma City, contact the friendly house cleaning professionals at CottageCare. CottageCare guarantees you’ll be 100% pleased with their thorough, efficient house cleaning services in Oklahoma City…or your money back! With CottageCare, get ready to experience Freedom From Housework®…it’s a wonderful feeling!

CottageCare offers a wide range of housekeeping services in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, including Edmond, Moore, Bethany, Mustang, Del City, Norman, other nearby towns. Many Oklahoma City homeowners have experienced the quality house cleaning services of CottageCare, including the following:

  • Kitchen Cleaning – Your kitchen will be sparkling clean by the time we are through. Countertops are polished, cabinets are cleaned, sinks are scoured.
  • Dusting and Vacuuming Service – Removed dust and allergens from your home with our dusting and vacuuming services.
  • Bathroom Cleaning – Mildew will be no more! Enjoy a relaxing soak in your freshly cleaned tub.
  • Furniture Cleaning – Furniture will be carefully dusted and upholstery will be vacuumed. Pet hair is gently removed with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – All hard floors are washed by hand to achieve the most thorough clean.
  • Custom Tailored Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City – These services include move-in and move-out cleaning, garage cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and regular Oklahoma City housekeeping packages.

Freedom From Housework® can be yours with a quick conversation with a housekeeping team member at CottageCare. Contact CottageCare today for a free quote on Oklahoma City house cleaning services. Whether you are in need of a one-time event cleaning, or are interested in a regular home cleaning service, CottageCare will provide high-quality, efficient housekeeping services for your Oklahoma City home. Contact us today!

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The service is very thorough and everyone from my housekeeper to the people I talk to on the phone have been so very nice yet professional. After interviewing many applicants and other cleaning services, Cottage Care OKC was by far the best in what they would do for me for the price. I plan on using Cottage Care on a weekly basis indefinitely.

My experience at CottageCare OKC has been fine. I like them because they're convenient, very professional, accommodate my needs, and get the job done. I would recommend them.

I have been a customer of CottageCare OKC for about a year and a half. I like that they bring their own supplies, and that their personnel is pretty friendly. They meet my cleaning standards most of the time. I would recommend them.

CottageCare OKC did a good job. They were polite and they were very efficient. This was my first time using them and I plan on using them again. Don't be afraid to hire them, they are very clean and efficient and the price is right. They were nice to talk to, but they were busy with their work and they very quick.

I've been using CottageCare OKC for about two or three years and they always do an awesome job for me. Only one time I was disappointed, but I think she just forgot to do something. If you need help with your housework and need someone to clean your house they are the right place to call, because they are so nice, do a good job, and they really work hard

10934 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Oklahoma City, OK Staff


  • Sinks cleaned and sanitized
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized
  • Glass is clean and free of smudges
  • Cabinet exteriors are cleaned
  • Shower and tub are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  • Chrome is shined
  • Toilet is cleaned and sanitized (base and behind)
  • Walls and fixtures are cobwebbed
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Window sills are wiped down
  • Trash is emptied
  • Switch plates are clean
  • Pictures and ledges are cobwebbed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • Closet is vacuumed
  • Throw rugs are shaken out or vacuumed
  • Floor is hand washed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed


  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned and sanitized (all items removed and cleaned behind)
  • Sink cleaned and sanitized
  • Window above the sink clean and free of smudges
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Cabinet exteriors cleaned
  • Appliance exteriors are cleaned
  • Microwave is cleaned inside and out
  • Small appliances are wiped down
  • Walls and fixtures cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Pictures and ledges cobwebbed
  • Trash is emptied
  • Throw rugs are shaken out or vacuumed
  • Kitchen nook dusted
  • Pantry Vacuumed
  • Floors edged and vacuumed
  • Baseboards are wiped down
  • Floors are hand washed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed

Other Rooms

  • Glass is clean and free of smudges
  • Walls, fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards are cobwebbed
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Blinds are cobwebbed
  • Trash and paper shredders are emptied
  • Beds are made
  • Rooms are tidied
  • All furniture is dusted
  • Decor is dusted
  • Glass is cleaned (excluding windows)
  • One set of French doors are cleaned (inside and out)
  • Front storm door is cleaned
  • All upholstery is vacuumed
  • Floors are edged and vacuumed
  • Our signature finishing touches are completed