The First Time Clean | CottageCare

Switching to a new house cleaning service or perhaps trying a house cleaning service for the first time can be quite the experience. You’re not always quite sure what to expect or what standard you should be holding the service to. We wanted to take a minute to break down the process of the first time clean!

New customers are initially sent to our pricing line. Once there, the customer service representative will collect all of the information about your home and select a time and date for your cleaning that works best for you. This information is then sent to the appropriate service center. The service center manager will then follow up within the next 24 hours to confirm that all of the information on your home, pricing and time of the cleaning is correct. If there are any special details about your home, this is a good time to discuss them with the service center manager.

On the day of your cleaning, a crewmember will arrive to your home between the set time frame with either morning or afternoon arrival. At the end of the cleaning, the service center manager will come out to inspect the work of the crewmember.

This is a wonderful chance for the service center manager to possibly meet the customer and become familiar with the home for future cleanings.

The day after the first cleaning, the service center manager will be giving you a follow up call to get any feedback, set up future scheduling or tailor a cleaning plan that is more specific to your needs.

Our customers and their homes are our top priority and we will do whatever necessary to ensure the best experience possible!