This time of year a lot of parents are making adjustments to their schedules and routine to accommodate for their kids being home for the summer. Summer camp, vacations, child care arrangements, planning a daily schedule, or… letting things slip to the wayside while seeing how the whole summer routine goes and hoping for the best.

Sticking to routine and your regular cleaning schedule is the best way to ensure minimal chaos while the kids are out of school for the summer. Having kids home for the summer doesn’t mean you have to cancel your house cleaning service. Keep in mind that CottageCare does offer flexible scheduling, arrival times and that we are more than happy to work around your busy schedule!

Sticking to your house cleaning service this summer? Great! Need ideas on what to do with the kids while they are home during your CottageCare house cleanings? Check out our list of great things to do with kids home during your house cleanings!

Take It Outside

Taking the kids to the park, local hiking trails or out to the back yard is a wonderful way to keep the kids busy, engaged with the environment and a great way for them to burn off excess energy. The outdoors have an abundance of activities to offer. You can easily turn outside time into a treasure hunt, flower picking session, a fun picnic by packing a blanket and lunch, or water the plants and turn it into a fun morning of playing in the hose or sprinkle. The possibilities are endless, and you can’t go wrong by opting outside!

Arts and Crafts

You can keep it as simple as giving them a coloring book or looking up a craft on Pinterest. Don’t forget to put it up for display on your freshly washed refrigerator.

Play Groups

Connect with other parents in your community or neighborhood to see if anyone is interested in coordinating a play group. Kids playing with other kids and socializing with adults while having your home cleaned? That’s a win in our book!

Let Them Help

Do you leave the playroom off of your house cleaning plan? This is a great time to have your kids be part of the process and have them clean up their play room!

Just Keep Swimming

We get it. Somedays you have a list of things you want to accomplish and life has other plans! If you’re home with the kids and CottageCare is on the way – keep on keepin’ on. CottageCare crew members are more than happy to work around kids and whatever life is unfolding for you.