Reflecting on 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017 | CottageCare

What a year it’s been! 2016 was many things for many people, and we are so grateful for our CottageCare family and customers. This time of year we like to reflect on the good, take note of lessons learned and look forward to the upcoming year.

Looking ahead with the Rwanda Project, we are currently launching efforts at sustainability and techniques with the goal being to help them gain financial independence through entrepreneurship. In the spring of 2017 we look forward to an in person meeting with our Rwandan contacts and hopefully a trip to Rwanda in the summer. We hope you’ll follow our journey and are as excited about the growth and development of the COTTAGECARE® WIDOWS AND ORPHANS RELIEF FUND as we are. There are great things to come!

Reflecting on 2016, we were truly touched by the support that was received by our Baton Rouge office, during a time of disaster and adversity.  The way that the community, CottageCare family and customers came together to help one another is living proof that we are truly better together.

At CottageCare, it is important to us for our crew members and employees to feel valued, supported and encouraged. We fully believe in developing a working relationship of trust, commitment and we try to help where we can as we all know that life can be full of unexpected circumstances. Whether it be resources, filling a gas tank or simply an ear to listen.

One of many circumstances that unfolded this past year within our service centers was at our Leawood service center. A crew member lost her sister unexpectedly, and to prevent 3 of 5 children from going into foster care, this crew member took them into her own home.  Having watched this crew member go through the grieving period of the loss of her sister and not quite in a situation to care for 3 children,  the service center manager, Lindsay felt compelled to do something. Lindsay reached out to the owner, Brad Smith, knowing that he is a resourceful and kind hearted person. Brad gave Lindsay the information for God’s Army.

Lindsay reached out to this organization, and about a week later the leader of God’s Army was at the crew member’s home assessing what needed to be done.  They had projects lined up for six months, but when he discovered what the crew member was being faced with he promised he would do everything he could to get it done sooner.

Promised and delivered, this organization fixed all of the electrical, heating and plumbing issues in the home.  They restored a bathroom, and equipped the kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and stove.  Sharing this crew member’s story brought out more volunteers than ever before who were eager to donate and volunteer. Lindsay reports that it was a beautiful and life changing experience as the 3 children were able to move in with their aunt.

This may only be 1 event of many, but we are honored to have people like Brad and Lindsay in our CottageCare family and organizations like God’s Army who fully believe in serving others. It makes us feel rooted more than ever in our mission statement…

Act justly. Be generous. Walk humbly

Going into 2017, we wish that everyone can remember that we really are better together. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and cheers to a successful, healthy and happy New Year!