So. You’ve decided to hire someone to help with the house cleaning because obviously, your time is valuable and wow, wouldn’t it be nice to strike cleaning from the to-do list without ever getting your hands dirty?

There are many things to consider before committing to someone but luckily, we have 8 of the most important questions already answered…check ’em out!

First: Hire a service, not an individual. Services have multiple cleaners on staff and can accommodate schedule changes for your convenience, not their, convenience.

Second: Do they price over the phone? If not, look elsewhere. You don’t want a salesperson in your home taking an hour of your time with a sales pitch. Saving time is one reason you want house cleaning, right?!

Third: Do they use a crew of 1, 2, 3, or 4 people? One person in the home has proven to be much more time-efficient so you get much more cleaning for your price.

Fourth: Do they have a money-back guarantee or just a ‘satisfaction guarantee’?

Fifth: Do they clean the kitchen, bath and foyer floors (the ones that need it most) on their hands and knees or just dilute and spread the dirt around with a mop? The best system is when no dirt is introduced into the clean wash water–one of the downfalls with mops. 

Sixth: Do they do national background checks or just local state? We are a mobile society–national background checks are imperative. 

Seventh: How much experience do they have? 1yr, 5yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs, 30yrs? The more experience, the better.

Eighth: Do they answer their phone? Up-front sales is often different than the long-term communication with office staff. The best services have quality cleaning and great customer relations, too. Typically you find one or the other, seldom both, unfortunately.

It is no coincidence that our services at CottageCare fulfill all of these expectations, we’re proud of that.